YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Concealer For The Lighter Side of Life ;) - Read My ReviewProduct:   YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch in No. 4 Luminous Sand
Size:  2.5ml
Purchase From: Amazon
My Rating: 10/10

I wouldn’t be without my YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch concealer, it really does work and with instant results!

I can remember purchasing my first Touche Eclat for myself, many years ago now, and being blown away when the YSL beauty counter assistant applied it to my eyes – wow!  It really did live up to my expectations and it has been my reliable companion ever since.

YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Product Overview

The overall packaging is what you would expect from YSL a luxury brand, sleek, small handbag size, opulent gold in colour, a secure lid that does not move or fall off, very secure and reassuring when carrying in your purse or handbag, safe in the knowledge that it will not leak.

It is incredibly easy to use, literally remove the lid, one click of the button and that releases just enough for one application on to the fine brush at the other end, I find that just the one application is enough to cover under both eyes and even the creases around my nostrils, two clicks if you need to apply to the chin or disguise any blemishes.

Another great idea for using your YSL Touche Eclat is to use it as an eye shadow/eyeliner base or apply over cubids bow and lips to make a smooth base for lipstick.

You could also use a darker shade to contour especially along the cheek bones or brow bone or along each side of your nose.

When I first started to use YSL Touche Eclat there were only two shades to choose from but now an excellent choice:

1    Luminous Radiance.
1.5 Luminous Silk.
2    Ivory Radiance.
2.5 Luminous Vanilla.
3    Peach Radiance.
4    Luminous Sand.
5.5 Praline Light.
5    Luminous Honey.
6    Luminous Amber.
7    Luminous Mocha

I would tend to use Luminous Silk, Ivory Radiance and Luminous Vanilla if you have pink tones to your skin (pale) Peach Radiance, Luminous Sand, Praline Light, Luminous Amber, shades would suit peachy tones, olive skin or may be tanned, Luminous Mocha I would expect this shade to suit darker skin.

Think about, and take into consideration, your skin tone whilst making your selection in shade but to be honest if you get it wrong then all is not lost, as I’ve said you can use to contour or blend a little with your foundation.  You can always try to ask for a sample or pop along to a beauty counter to make a colour match.

Now you will find that you may need to click the Touche Eclat pen quite a few times before the product appears in the brush/pen.

My Final Thoughts…

I would recommend applying to the back of your hand, but work quickly before it begins to set or dry out.   If you really do not want to get into a mess then apply directly under the eye, nose, chin or blemish is absolutely fine.  Just remember to work fast and not over apply or blend in.  If you do decide to apply straight on to the face then I would suggest that you dab very lightly using just the tip of the brush, you really do need to avoid depositing too much in one go.

I hope that my review has given you a better guide and a bit of know how on how to apply your YSL Touche éclat.

Please feel free to leave me any feedback, questions or comments, all gratefully received 🙂

Thanks, June

4 thoughts on “YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Concealer For The Lighter Side of Life ;) – Read My Review

  1. Nice review of this product. I’ve never tried this line of makeup but I will definitely keep it in mind for either a gift or to buy for myself.

    1. Hi Lidia, great to meet you and clearly a lady that knows how to look good 🙂

      Really appreciate you take the time to leave me your positive feedback, thank you.

      You will find that once you have tried the YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Concealer there will be no going back, a truly iconic concealer that works it’s magic to leave a help reduce the appearance of dark circles and hide blemishes.

      It is always worth approaching beauty counters or writing to/emailing YSL Official site or indeed any of the large stores to ask for a sample, I’m sure they will be happy to send something out to you.

      Here to help.

  2. That’s a great review!
    I was searching for something to gift my granny and looks like I stumbled on the best site.
    I’m sure she will love it.

    1. Ah thank you Anubhav, lovely of you to say 🙂 I hope that your Granny will appreciate your thoughtful gift. You can never go wrong with something special to enhance our features and give a little confidence within the over 50 age group. Great to meet you and thanks for your time. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or helpful tips in making a purchase. Estee Lauder Gift Set is always worth thinking about too, they often have amazing offers going on with most places offering gift wrap a nice bonus. Have a good weekend.

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