A very helpful Beauty Assistant on the Clarins counter at my local Debenhams Department Store gave me a couple of samples for the Clarins Booster Range to test out.

Now, I do like to try out new products but I’m also a stickler for keeping my product base a very simple one.  I do not like to feel overwhelmed, especially given that I’m not a morning person 😉

My review is based upon me using the products for one week, on alternate days.

Let’s Take a look at Each Product Within This Range

Clarins Booster Detox

Looking at the Full Sized Product:  £30 for 15 ml

My findings are after using the 0.8 ml, sample featured here.

I thought that using the Detox first might be good after returning from holiday and drinking more Prosecco than I should have, and possibly less water than I normally do.

I’m greatly impressed by the leaflet and product description, quoted as saying:

“A new innovative skin care booster that decongests and purifies skin from any environmental, lifestyle factors, the effects of pollution or overindulging.  This detox booster contains Green Coffee extracts to detoxify and purify your skin while reviving radiance.  Add 3 – 5 drops to your existing moisturiser, face mask or foundation for an intensive, detoxifying boost.  Use for the odd day, week or month depending on your skins needs”.

The small card that the sample is attached to,  makes the following claims and information:

“81% of Women find their complexion fresher after one week”
“Detoxifies and Refreshes complexion”.
“Ideal for use after Partying – over indulging – Smoky Environments – Extreme Pollution”.

Well after looking in the mirror,  I thought to myself that “it could have it’s work cut out on me”.

Day 1 – I mixed three drops with a my Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum, using the dropper helps me to count out the right amount.  The smell and aroma of Coffee is absolutely gorgeous, but not overwhelming.  Already my face looks much smoother.

Day 4 – I decided to repeat Day 1 – as of day 1, Incredible results.

Day 7 – Again I used three drops but mixed with my Foundation to see if that made any difference and actually, I was pleasantly surprised, my Foundation went on much more smoothly, and I noticeably saw a fresher look.

I’ve taken two photos and it is so obvious which hand has had the “Booster Detox” treatment, it goes without saying that I have used this product on my face, but I wanted to show you the dramatic difference side by side.

Just to clear the hand on the Left has the “Detox” product blended in with a little Foundation.  These results are after one week

Happily, my face does look quite fresh and bright, the sample was ample enough to provide me with 9 drops.  It is always a nice feeling to have a ‘little freebie’ and furthermore, this allows you to ‘try before you buy’.

I would recommend this product, I’m not sure about the pricing though, I would hope that this product has an excellent shelf life to justify splashing out £30 on top of your normal skin care range.

For me, I would like to use the Booster Detox, may be once a week and make a purchase when I don’t have anything else to buy or as a luxury item, (or put it on a gift list and receive it that way?).

Clarins Booster Energy Serum

Looking at the Full sized product:  £30 for 15 ml

My Findings after using a 0.8 ml sample.

I thought the Booster Energy would be great to use one week after returning from holiday.

Again, the product description gave me hope, this time though I had a look on Debenhams website under the Clarins section to see what they had to say:

“A new innovative skin care Booster that will re-energize and tone skin, minimise signs of fatigue and keep your complexion radiant by adding 3 -5 drops to existing day or night cream, it will give your skin an extra shot of energy when it’s needed.  It can also be added to your face masks or foundation for an intensive treatment.  Use for a day, week or month depending on your skins needs”

Lets take a look at the information card provided with the sample;

“81% of Women find their skin more toned after one week”.
“The energizing care for fatigued skin”.
“Fights Fatigue and Revives Radiance”.
“ideal for – Late nights – Hectic Lifestyle – Jet Lag – Dieting – Exhausted Parents”.

Contains “Ginseng”, a great ingredient for adding energy.

Let me see if can make a difference!

Day 1 – As with the ‘Detox’ sample I used my Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum for the dropper.  Wow!  I love this product, the aroma of Ginseng is beautiful, the results are incredible.

Day 4 – I have repeated Day 1.

Day 7 – I used the sample in a night cream mix this time, to see if it made any difference, I don’t usually think about applying night cream but thought that if it works, might get me hooked.  Again, incredible results and what a difference, immediately.

I have to say that after using three times within one week that YES, I could feel a difference in my skin, it felt more toned and refreshed, not sure if I could see a change athough but this product definitely had some effect.

Again, I think for me to make a purchase, it would have to be a luxury or a touch of pampering.

Clarins Booster Repair Serum

Full sized Product priced at:  £30 for 15 ml

Apologies, I have not been give a sample of this to try but it is within the “Booster” range.

Quoting the product summary:

“A new innovative skin care booster that will give your skin an extra bit of comfort when needed if your skin is weakened by certain lifestyle or environmental factors, this concentrate will reduce and soothe discomfort, diminish redness and optimise the skin’s recover – add 3 -5 drops to your existing moisturiser, face mask or foundation for an intensive, comforting boost. Use on skin for an odd day, week or month depending on your skins needs”.

It all sounds great to me, let’s face it, you could not go wrong with anything that can give your skin some added comfort or diminish redness when it appears.

In My Opinion

I think that if you are someone that likes to indulge in a touch of pampering or wanting to take excellent care of your skin, then by all means indulge, it can only improve those areas on your face, that may need some attention.

My many years of positive experiences with using products from the Clarins range have made it a brand that I trust.

I will most definitely be adding them to my Christmas List, that’s for sure 🙂

Please feel free to add a comment below, question or feedback, I’m always looking to improve and I am here to help.


4 thoughts on “Take a look at The Clarins Booster Range, a Great Pick me up For The Skin

  1. Clarins has always been a top brand choice for many and for good reason. It works so well. I have to say even though I know how good Clarins is I was amazed at the comparison results you gave. I guess the base made some difference but it was pretty awesome all the same. I am definitely going to try the detox and if it works for me then it will work for anyone.

    1. Hi Margaret,

      Lovely to meet you and looking very glamorous too, I must say 🙂

      You are clearly a lady with great taste and appreciate good skincare.

      I’m pleased that you have taken an interest in my Clarins Booster Range post, it really does make a difference, my skin looked amazing for the week that I tested out the “Detox” and the week following when I tested out the “Energy” Booster. The effect lasted for days after too.

      I think you could get away with using any of the Booster range once a week or even every two weeks maybe, they are a great way of just giving your skin a little top up when needed.

      Please let me know what your thoughts are after trying out the “Detox”, always great to know from another point of view.

      I hope that you find it easy to purchase.

      Enjoy your weekend and thank you again for all your positive feedback, also for taking the time to leave a comment.

      All the best


  2. I am always looking for a way to simplify my morning routine when I am getting ready. Would this be a good product for skin that is sensitive? I have combination skin and I can break out pretty easily so I have to be careful with the kind of products I use. Thank you for showing how well it worked on yourself.

    1. Hi Nichole,

      It’s great to hear from you once again, a real pleasure, thank you 🙂

      The ingredients used in these products look pretty natural, they help to sooth, energise and calm things down within your skin, therefore I couldn’t imagine that they would create a problem for sensitive skin. I have sensitivity and can react immediately if there is an ingredient that my skin really doesn’t like.

      The “Booster” range are for all skin types and in my opinion can only benefit the skin.

      My advice would be to pop to a Clarins Beauty counter if you have one accessible and ask for a sample to try out first, the Beauty Assistants are usually only to happy to help and give advice.

      You could just use the “Boosters” only when you feel that your skin looks tired maybe or use a couple of times a week in the morning or before bedtime if that gives you more time.

      I plan to make a video to show the difference these products make on the face, I will be attaching it to this post, so watch this space 🙂

      Have a great weekend.

      All the best


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