With the Sun shining today, you are in need of some Summer bronzing with the help of YSL and Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer Glow 🙂

A Bronzer is a fabulous product, no matter your age, and is particularly great for those of us in our Fifties.  It adds a wonderful soft radiance and is the perfect distraction from our mature beauty lines.

The Secret of a good Bronzer is that you can use the product as a way of enhancing your complexion by adding a glow or that ‘Sun kissed’ look that you get when you have been outdoors on a bright day and the sunshine has just touched your cheeks, nose and temples.

My Top Choices in Bronzers

My personal favourites are:

YSL Les Sahariennes – Sun-kissed Blur For A Healthy Glow Balm Powder in Number 6 –  Sienne

The YSL Les Sarahiennes is perfect to use as a contour but equally you could blend this product in all over your face and neck if that is your preference. 

Personally I would brush, (using either the brush provided or a bronzing brush), along your cheek bones, either side of your forehead. (your temples) along each side of your nose and under your chin. Then using the excess on your brush, blend it in along those areas but give a very light dusting to the rest of your face, brow bone just before the crease of your eyelid,  (take care not to get any in your eyes).  Then onto your neck, unless you are wearing a white collar of course 😉

A little look at my How to look younger at 50 post will help with a step by step guide in contouring.


YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones


The YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones really will give you that Sun kissed look and as my photo demonstrates, it is a firm favourite of mine.  The product is available in a choice of three shades to suit skin tone.  

I do tend to apply using the same technique as a contouring Bronzer, along my cheek bones, temples, each side of my nose and under my chin, blending in around the rest of my face and I do like to give it an extra layer for evening wear, just to give the look a little more depth and darker coating, (artificial light and evening light can leave you looking a little pale anyway).


I’m not saying that I am a shallow girl, but let’s face it both of the YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzers will grace any handbag, and will get you noticed whilst “powdering your nose” in front of all the other ladies.

I do tend to purchase both YSL Bronzers from my local Debenhams Department Store or on-line depending how much time I have to spare, the on-line option offers International Delivery.  I have found the delivery service and customer care to be reliable and with competitive delivery charges.

The other bonus with Debenhams is that they give you Beauty points with every Beauty purchase which count towards future discounts on products.  furthermore they have regular offers which give additional points and they really do add up, I’ve had pounds off my purchases over the years, and let’s face it, that’s always great news.


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow

charlotte tilbury bronze and glow

A beautiful product that will contour nicely and give a very natural looking finish to your makeup.  The duo compact has two shades with one of them being lighter in shade than the other and apparently the packaging was designed with a 1920 Cigarette case in mind, very clever.  Comes in a choice of two shades.

Watching the video on Net-A-Porter.com for the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow, they give a lovely demonstration of how to highlight and contour using this product, I would take time to have a peek, even as a Beauty Therapist, I like to learn about new products and how to use them, it’s always nice to learn something new.

My recommendation for using this product would be to use a bronzer brush to apply the darker shade along the cheek bones, down each side of the nose, either temple and along the jaw line.  Then using a brush apply the lighter shade along the top of the cheek bone being carful not to place over the top of the darker shade, brush down the centre of the nose and along the forehead.

Having shopped around, I recommend that you buy your Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow from Net-A-Porter.com.  Net-A-Porter is luxury personified, they offer excellent customer care, 5-star packaging and delivery, including an international delivery service.  Take a peek at my Spring post.

I would love to think that my post on Summer Bronzing has added a little Sunshine to your day.

Please drop me a line below and make my day 🙂

4 thoughts on “Summer Bronzing With The Help of YSL and Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer Glow

  1. Hi June,

    I am not close to 50 but I have discovered I like a bronzer blush rather than regular blush. It looks more natural and I am natural looking makeup girl. No bright red lips, or dark eye shadow for me!

    I will keep looking for bronzers and if I have the chance I will get one of these that you recommend.


    1. Hi Jessica (Swangirl),

      You Certainly know your style and clearly have great taste judging by your gorgeous profile photo and most definitely no where near Middle age but a mere youngster 🙂

      I am with you in that a Bronzer does give a more natural glow. I would recommend that you try a Lip Gloss though and if you go for a Red you will be surprised that it can compliment a Bronzer nicely without looking to harsh or bright, if you need a quick guide then check out my Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lacquer Review by clicking the link: h

      Good Luck in you searches for the perfect Bronzer and please do not hesitate if you need a little help, I am more than happy to check out a Bronzer for you.

      Thank you again for leaving your lovely comment and enjoy the rest of your week.


  2. Hi June! Thank you for telling us about the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow makeup. I like the idea of two shades to blend with for that “kissed by the sun” look, because some bronzers just look like I have mud on my face! And what a cute 1920 Cigarette case design – I want one in my purse!

    1. I’m with you, best to have a discreet Bronzer rather than over the top, I do love your “look of mud on the face”, made me smile 🙂

      Always great to have a cute makeup product in your bag/purse, I love to get compliments whilst powdering my nose in the rest room.

      Please let me know if you have decided to purchase one, would love to hear what your thoughts are.

      Have you had a peek at Net-A-Porter.com? a real treat to browse through their site 🙂

      Have a great week.

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