This brief overview describes a simple range of products that you will need to apply to prepare your skin for the products I will be describing later.  It is the basis of all successful make-overs and is the essential first step in the process.

Trust me you only need to know a little about skincare and literally a 10 min daily routine is all it takes to get the effects you will want!!

YES!! Our skin does loose elasticity and has a tendency to become dry in some areas with declining Oestrogen levels, you may have a few fine lines around the eyes and around your Cupid’s Bow, BUT please don’t zoom in on my photographs or stress about such matters, we are 50 and proud, they define us!!

Tekky Talk:  “Cupid’s Bow” – your area between your upper lip and your nose.  I do not make these names up, I promise!

The one thing, above all, with any routine is to make sure that you remove all traces of make up before bedtime, make-up residues can increase ageing, clog up your pores and lead to spots.  Blocked pores often result in inflammation, which can be both unsightly and uncomfortable.

Make-up is best removed with a reputable cleansing product.  Choose a cleanser that is kind to your skin, I find cleansing milk/lotion to be one of the best products, wash off cleansers can be a little harsh for maturing skin, I will cover this and go into more detail within my blogs and reviews.

After cleansing you may wish to apply a Night Cream, always an advantage BUT if your tucked up in bed and think you have forgotten this step it is really not worth getting up and stressing about 😉 Again, keep it light and my advice is to only apply a little to the cheeks.  I am not a fan of excessive night cream usage as they can create or add oil to your “T Zone”.  And too much often ends up on your pillow!

Tekky Talk:  “Your T-Zone”:-  the shape of a letter T formed  between your forehead ,  nose  & chin

When you rise in the morning repeat your cleansing regime as the first step in your daily routine.

Secondly, a toner is always a good thing to balance out the skin before moisturising but please don’t stress, the use of a toner is really not necessary every day, so you can skip this if in a hurry.  Again I would recommend that you choose a product that is gentle on your skin

Now then, moisturising, my preference is to use a Serum, they are usually less oily, plump out the lines a little and leave a smooth finish BUT again I will be covering day creams in more detail

I will be demonstrating How to perform a 10 min routine morning and night

At this stage don’t start thinking that this is too much to remember. I promise you,  there is nothing to worry about,  as we go through each of the steps in detail I will take the stress out of and identifying your skin type,  choosing the right skincare products and how to apply them quickly and reliably with lasting effects.