I Popped into my local Debenhams Store Beauty Counter and discovered the YSL All Hours soft Matte Foundation.

Talk about feeling exited!

The very lovely Beauty Assistant gave me a demonstration, we discussed a colour match for my skin tone and then offered me a small sample of the product, she told me that it has been very popular with customers and has had with amazing reviews, it goes without saying that I want to spread the word asap.

Product Overview

Product:  Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation
Price:  £33
Places to Purchase From:  Debenhams and the Official YSL Makeup website (both available on line)
My Shade:  BR50 Cool Honey (I do tend to go a shade darker than my actual skin tone)
My Rating:  10/10

Looking at what YSL have to say

I’ve done my homework and research for this makeup product and I really am very impressed, I will most definitely be purchasing a full size ‘All Hours’ foundation very soon before they all go.

The following quotes are taken directly from the Official YSL site:

“A full coverage foundation that provides uninterrupted flawless wear.”

“Soft-matte.  SPF 20.  Medium to full coverage.  For all skin types.  Waterproof.”

“Made with the finest pigments and ingredients.  All Hours is oil free.  Non – comedogenic and dermatologist tested.”

“Longwear with 24 hour full coverage.”

My Trial Test Period and Findings

I have been using this liquid foundation for the last week and I have fallen in love with it.  It covers my blemishes with such ease and with only one thin coat, I would like to add.

The results speak for themselves, the foundation lasted all day, and maintained a flawless finish.

Whilst applying I felt confident that there was no rush to get it finished, as it remained silky and fluid allowing it to be worked with ease.

A half & half photo for comparison, as you can see, it’s covered up my little imperfections rather nicely 😉

I love the matte finish, for me that’s a huge plus, it dulls down my shiny T-Zone, making it a perfect base for the rest of my makeup, especially for any contouring and shading that needs to be applied.

A bonus with this foundation has to be the added “Black Tea anti-oxidant complex” perfect for sorting out those free radicals polluting our skin, we need all the help we can find during middle age when our skin is more susceptible to such matters.

I have also noticed that whilst using the All Hours foundation, as with my YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, it does not clog my pores, keeping those spots and blockages at bay.

I have complete confidence in this foundation, it really does live up to the hype, my makeup still looked perfect at bedtime.

Shades to Choose From

There are 22 in total.

Starting from the top left hand corner and working along the colours towards the bottom right hand corner:-

B10 Porcelain
BR20 Cool Porcelain
B20 Ivory
BR20 Cool Ivory
BD 20 Warm Ivory
BD25 Warm Beige
B 30 Almond
BR 30 Cool Almond
BD 30 Warm Almond
BD 35 Warm Caramel
B 40 Sand
BR 40 Cool Sand
BD 40 Warm Sand
B 45 Bisque
BD Warm Bisque
B 50 Honey
BR 50 Cool Honey (the shade highlighted and featured in this review)
BD 50 Warm Honey
B 60 Amber
B 70 Mocha
B 80 Chocolate
B 90 Ebany

In My Opinion

The ‘All Hours’ foundation is a fantastic makeup product from YSL, it provides incredible results for a flawless finish and covering up any blemishes thus providing he perfect base for your makeup.

It is great value for money, a bottle this size will last me a year quite easily by using once a day, with the odd top up application for evening wear if needed but to be honest, I couldn’t imagine any reason to be reapplying.

Please feel free to drop me a comment below:

8 thoughts on “(Reviewed) YSL All Hours Soft Matte Foundaion

  1. Thanks for the post and its nice that you shared with us all the colour choices, its suitable for everyone, it does make your skin colour more blended together and natural
    the price is quite reasonable too and looks like a high-quality product too! do you think this is the best foundation you’ve tried

    1. Hi Emma,

      Lovely to hear from you and thank you for sharing your great comments 🙂

      It is most definitely suitable for all skin types, it has no excess oil, doesn’t dry out and has a matt finish, helping shine control at the same time. You will find that it doesn’t crack and will give you perfect cover all day long.

      There is a great selection of shades to choose from, YSL have really covered most skin tones.

      You are spot on, it does look “high quality” and performs well.

      It is definitely one of my first choices along with YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, they will both give you the coverage and polished look that most of us are looking for in a Foundation.

      I hope that I have helped further and please do not hesitate to contact me again, would love to hear your thoughts.

      Enjoy the rest of your week.


  2. Hi June,
    Wow! This is just the sort of site I’ve been looking for! I’m in the mid-50’s age group and I really struggle with finding a make up that a) suits my skin and b) makes me look half decent! Your review of YSL foundation I read with interest, and the half and half face image showed what a difference it really makes! Thanks for sharing this post – most helpful!

    1. Hi Alison,

      Well, I have to say that you look amazing and don’t really need my advice 🙂

      You clearly have a good understanding of style together with perfecting a fresh looking makeup application.

      I’m really pleased that my “All Hours” review has helped you to look at other options re your foundation, I think that it’s important to try out different looks, there is always a new product launch, YSL and other leading brands are constantly moving forward with great ingredients and no only too well that skin changes with age, we all need a helping hand from time to time.

      Please let me know if you decide to give it a try, I love exciting new products 🙂

      Lovely to hear from you and thank you.


  3. Thanks so much for all of the helpful information! My mom is approaching 60 and she still dabbles in makeup. So, I really think she would take interest in your website! I really like that you’ve included the picture of the coverage and also the shade selector. It makes the experience very user-friendly and I know my Mom would really appreciate that! I plan to pass your website along to my Mom because I think she’d really enjoy it!

    1. Hi Allison,

      Well, I have to say that it’s fantastic that your Mom has a passion for makeup and clearly wanting to maintain a youthful look – Wonderful! She has a very attractive daughter, I would like to add with a positive attitude.

      Please pass on my website to your Mom, it will be amazing to hear what she thinks about my helpful guidance and expertise 🙂

      I always find that when I’m having an off day or just feeling my age, I apply a touch of makeup, a spot of the “All hours”, bronzer, cream blush, Mascara and a touch of lippy and feel as fresh as daisy, ready to take the day on.

      It really has been great connecting with you Allison and look forward to hearing from your Mom 🙂

      Enjoy your weekend.


  4. Thank you so much for this informative post. I am quickly approaching 40 and 50 will be here before I know it. I usually swear by Mac products. But you have convinced me to give other brands a try. I like the information the reviews that you have presented here and I will be referring to my sister my best friend and my daughter to these articles. I look forward to hearing more and reading more from you in the future.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you so much for your lovely, positive comments, really made my day 🙂

      I can’t believe that you are approaching 40, look far too young and very glamorous, a good advocate for that age group, that’s for sure.

      I’m really pleased that my review has helped you to look at other brands, we can get caught up within our comfort zone and for fear of splashing out extra cash, we tend not to experiment with anything else.

      Looking at reviews is an excellent way of making an informed choice and I can tell you that you will not be disappointed with the YSL All Hours Foundations, just make sure that you get a good colour match first.

      It’s great to know that you will be passing on my reviews and posts – thank you, really do appreciate.

      Have a great week and lovely to meet you 🙂

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