My YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick – Pure Radiance Review – Stand Out From the Crowd

My YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick - Pure Radiance - Stand Out From the CrowdI just have to share my passion for my all time favourite Lipstick, it is YSL Rouge Pur Couture – Pure Colour Satiny Radiance, a glamorous  look that will most certainly make you stand out from the crowd 🙂

Here is my review……

Product:  YSL Rouge Pur Couture – Pure Colour Satiny Radiance in Number 13 Le Orange.
Place to Buy:  Amazon
My Rating:  10/10 plus

Product Overview

Rouge Pur Couture – Pure Colour Satiny Radiance in No. 13, Le Orange

If you are looking for instance glamour then this is the one for you 🙂

I’ve used nothing but this shade for years now, some days I just apply my Mascara and this lipstick and feel just as amazing as I do with a full make-up application.


The luxurious signature gold colour packaging gives an opulent appearance that graces any handbag or purse, I love the shiny smooth finish.  I use the lid as a mirror to put on my ‘lippy’, much better than having to carry a compact around.

I feel quite special when removing this product from my handbag to apply, the YSL logo looks impressive.  It’s a great size, weighs next to nothing but is held robust container with a very secure ‘shut tight’ lid.


As the title implies it has a silky texture with a satiny look, not too shiny either but with the class and elegance that you would expect from a YSL product.

The lipstick is not too soft, making it last longer.  I expect mine to last me 6 months, and that is with almost daily use.

You can apply straight to the lips, you will find that you only have to glide over gently to deliver the instant Impact and look giving a rich and deep cover.

Quality and Value

I have been doubted for stating to friends that I only need to purchase two a year despite wearing it almost every day!  The texture lends itself to a durable hard wearing lipstick because you really only need to apply one thin coat and the results are truly incredible.

I receive many compliments regarding my YSL lipstick, yes, it really is that brilliant!

If you were to have a think about how many lipsticks you might buy per annum of say, a cheaper brand that doesn’t always deliver on quality, compared to the purchase of two lipsticks a year that really do make a difference then in my opinion you have something speaks for itself with regard to value.

I cannot praise it enough :)))

Choice of shade

For me it has to be No.  13 Le Orange because that’s the shade that enhances my skin tone and gives me the instant impact that I love.  I appreciate the we need to take into consideration our different skin tones and shade.

The theme of my blog is “stand out don’t blend in”  This is my number 1 product for this sentiment.

The vogue is that pink/cooler skin tones should go for Pinks, pale shades,  I would try a Blue/Red shade which is deeper and darker in colour and gives the wearer a serious & sophisticated look.

Peach/warm skin tones should go for Peaches, neutrals and an Orange Red (No.  13 for example, provides a brighter and more vibrant look)

for those of you with darker skin I would recommend that you consider deep Purple, shades of Red or vibrant pinks.

The range is extensive, I have listed the common products below for your convenience

No. 1  Le Rouge
No.  4  Rouge Vermillion
No.  6  Rose Bergamasque
No.  7 Le Fushia
No.  9 Rose Stiletto
No.  10 Beige tribute
No.  12 Bianca
No.  13 Le Orange
No.  14 Rouge Feu
No.  16 Rouge Roxane
No.  17 Rose Dahlia
No.  19 Fushia Pink
No.  22 Pink Clebration
No.  23 Corail poetique
No.  26 Rose Libertin
No.  27 Fushia Innocent
No.  39 Pourpre Divin
No.  49 Tropical Pink
No.  50 Rouge Neon
No.  51 Coral Urban
No.  52 Rosy Coral
No.  53 Beige Promenade
No.  54 Prune Avenue
No.  55 Orange Indie
No.  56 Rouge Anonyme
No.  57 Pink Rhapsody
No.  58 Mauve Nihilist
No.  59 Golden Melon
No.  64 Fushia Danger
No.  65 Orange Ardent
No.  66 Rosewood
No.  67 Rouge Herioine
No.  68 Bordeaux
No.  70 Rouge Nu
No.  72 Rhythm Red
No.  74 Orange Electro
No.  105 Golden Dusky Pink
No.  106  Golden Beige
No.  114 Rose De Saba
No. 340 Golden Copper

I have no idea why the numbers are so random,  but don’t fret about the number, just pick the right one for you and stick with that choice.

If you would like to leave a comment or ask me any questions regarding my YSL Lipstick review then please feel free to write below…….



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