My Tutorial on How To Apply Eye Makeup For The Over 50’s to Take You From Summer to Autumn

Are your thoughts turning towards your change of season look yet?  If so, then I will show you how to apply eye makeup for the over 50 without having to ‘overthink’ your purchases 🙂P1020655

I must admit I know when I’m ready for a season change and I do get excited when I see a new product or range of colours!

The key is to take stock of what cosmetics you already have, your basics will carry you through, but it is nice to add a couple of items to keep your look ‘fresh’.  In the northern hemisphere, as the days begin to shorten and we approach autumn, (fall), you may find that you still have a tan or sun kissed look.

I tend to work around enhancing my tan, before it eventually fades, by incorporating a new colour and simply blending in my existing product range, all very exciting!

Autumnal Eyewear, But With Added Summer Glow

My Recommendations would be to…..

Use a Primer or Base Coat

Apply as shown in my previous blogs –

Obviously you will be using whatever shade suits you.

I’m using:-P1010707P1010717P1010731




.  Foundation     –  YSL  –  Touche Eclat Le Teint in BD50

.  Bronzer             –  YSL –  Les Saharariennes Sun-kissed Glow Balm in No.  6 Sienne

.  Crème Blusher – YSL –  Lips & Cheeks Soft Matt Colour in No.  4 Orange fougueux

Now onto the main event.

The Eyes

  1. YSL  –  Eye Crayon or It’s official name;-  Dessin Du Regard Waterproof


This is one of my favourites, shown in the photo above, I’ve left the lid off for you to see the soft application, it is more like a cream texture rather than a pencil and I find it glides easily and provides a deep colouration.

YSL  –   Long lasting Waterproof Eye Crayon  in Violet MassaP1020622

It gently glides over your eyelid with such a smooth finish and delivers that impact you would expect from Yves Saint Laurent.

Honestly, I cannot praise this product enough, I’ve recommended to my friends, and even purchased it for them, they all agree that it’s incredible!

I love the depth of colour and it will most definitely get you noticed 🙂

As I keep saying “these colours are perfect for the over 50 age group, you only need a small amount applied as thinly or as thick as you wish.  I tend to apply thinly during the day but go more heavily when using it in the evening.

as I have described previously, application is as follows…..  Starting from the corner, (this is my preference), glide over the lid and across to the outer corner.

once you are happy, you can either

  • Blend in over your eye lid up to the crease.


  •   Apply bronzer (Matt or shimmer), sparingly, over the remainder of your lid up to your brow.

OR alternatively.

  • Apply a matt eyeshadow, keeping the colour is natural as possible, I would recommend, for evening I would try the new for Summer purchase YSL Full Metal Shadow, for a bit of drama 😉


It is completely up to you whether you want to apply underneath, I must admit I do and tend to start from the outer corner and work inwards, you can either do small lines and join up or one long glide over, YSL is a very forgiving cosmetic to use, if you feel as though you’ve messed up just simply blend in or go over lightly again

2)  Eyeliner

below I describe my two current favourite Eyeliner accessories the first one is a deep green colour and secondly I describe a seasonal blue.

YSL   –   Shocking Eyeliner Effect Faux Cils in No.   4 Deep Green – Bold Felt-tip Eyeliner Pen . 



Another perfect colour for Autumn!

You can’t go wrong with green, it adds a little under stated glamour and a lovely Autumn colour choice 🙂

The Beauty of using this product is that it really does work like a pen, I cannot tell you how easy it is to apply.  Use with confidence and don’t ‘overthink’ the precision 🙂

Again –  Starting from the corner……. you know the drill 😉

Honestly as above still applies and that’s why I keep things simple!

For an evening look you can us the YSL Full Metal or just add more bronzer.

The same applies to under your eye, over the bottom lid but starting from the outer corner this time, this way you will have a smoother finish and I find it much easier to join up if necessary 🙂

YSL  –  Shocking Effect Faux Cils Eyeliner in  No.   2 Majorelle Blue – Bold Felt-tip Eyeliner Pen.



As Above

Glide over the eye lid starting from the inner corner and again as little or as much as you feel comfortable with!

The Key Thing to Remember is…..

Enhance any Summer glow/tan you have left to show off 😉

Try not to go too shimmery! (The classic Autumn look is a little toned down from the summer)

Think about your colour palette, go for more striking colours that will lift but make you feel the season that we are in, blues and greens are my choice, (matt finishes are highly recommended), the eyeliner choice should give a clear definition of how they will look once applied with no need to enhance with other eyeshadows unless it’s an evening look or special occasion look you are needing.

I’m a creature of habit, I do tend to stick to a formula that works, but you don’t have to put too much thought into delivering a look that you will feel confident with.

Keep it simple, yes we could use many different shades of eyeshadow to highlight, enhance, conceal etc…   but to be honest these all take time to apply and it is all to easy to over do it!  My advice is to follow the rules that I’ve set out, you wont need to spend hours thinking it out, apply and wear with confidence!

Beautiful colours at 50 and over  –  ALWAYS :))))




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