My Review of Something Special From Charlotte Tilbury Cat Eyes to Hypnotise Eye Shadow and Pencil

Looking for a special makeup gift or glamorous look for an evening out or party, then you will love my Charlotte Tilbury Cat Eyes to Hypnotise Eye Shadow and Pencil Review 🙂

I find that Charlotte Tilbury is such a beautiful cosmetic range.  This product is suitable for all ages and skin tones.

I purchased my set from, I love their service, packaging and delivery is amazing, I chose “The Next Business Day” and it was delivered by lunch time the day after I placed the order but to be honest “Express” is just as great.


Product:               Charlotte Tilbury Cat Eyes to Hypnotise Eye Shadow and Pencil set.
Purchased From:
Price I paid:           £29 ($36) approx
My Rating:             10/10

Product Overview

Trying out a Charlotte Tilbury product was a real first for me, I have always been a devotee of YSL products. The very fact that she has a career as a Makeup Artist strikes a chord in me especially with my Beauty Therapy back ground.

Charlotte Tilbury is a British make-up artist, founder and creator of her beauty and skincare brand, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd.

To-date I have made three purchases from of the Charlotte Tilbury makeup brand, this product being my first.  (I am quite sure they will not be my last purchases).


This Set Comprises:

The ‘Rock ‘N’ Khol Black Magic’ pencil and “Silver Leopard” Eye Shadow.

Taking a look at the description, the eye shadow has a “light catching Gunmetal hue” and I would agree with that, it most definitely lends itself to that “Smokey eye look”.

The eye pencil glides over the skin with ease and gives a dramatic affect.

How to Achieve The Look

As with all makeup you need to make sure that your skin is appropriately prepared by applying a “make-up base” to provide a smooth surface to which the finishing touches are applied.  This is achieved by using your foundation, bronzer and blusher before progressing. 

Upper Eye-lid

When applying your eye shadow make sure that you cover under your brow bone into the crease of your eyelid.

Apply to the lid using either your finger tip (ring finger, it has the least amount of pressure) or a eye shadow brush smooth over the whole of the eyelid right into the crease and blend in, don’t add a thick layer though, my recommendation would be to add layers rather that one heavy application.

If you prefer to use your finger, apply a small amount of your eye shadow to your hand. then using your ring finger transport the ‘powder’ to your eye-lid.

Now glide the Eye Pencil, starting from the outer corner of the lid about three quarters of the way across your eye.  If you really want to go all out,  take it right across to the inner corner, for the full on glamour effect.  Again I would recommend that you build up the colour with successive layers until you achieve the depth of colour you are looking for.

Bottom Eye-lid

You can either:

Use the Eye Shadow and apply to the bottom lid, starting at the outer corner again going  half way across the lid, again using either your ring finger or the brush;  Remember to apply a very light touch and build up depth with repeated applications.


Use the Eye Pencil by gliding lightly across two thirds of the way along the bottom eye lid, starting from the outside and moving inwards.  As before apply fully across the lid for for that full on drama.

Just Enjoy and Have Fun

Have a play around with various looks, and trust your instincts as to how much of a dramatic effect you want.  I would take into consideration what your outfit choice may be, the type of function you are attending be it a formal occasion of you just a casual evening out.  here are a couple of options you may wish to ‘trial’…….

Formal Evening Wear: Plain colours: multiple layers heavier application.

Casual Evening Wear: Less layers, lighter application.

The Cat Eye to hypnotise Eye Shadow and Eye Pencil set will most definitely get you noticed and I have no doubt that you will not be short of admirers 🙂

Try a different look, I am sure that you will not be disappointed!

Looking forward to receiving your comments.



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