My 6 Make-Up Bag Essentials For A Simple Life

Now, let’s face it, who among us really wants to spend our precious time deciding what cosmetic basics will work with an easy routine, well I’ve made it easy with my 6 make-up bag essentials and it really will make for a simpler life.



Why 6, I Hear You Cry?

The Secret is to have a fresh look with your make-up with a flawless finish and by making very careful choices it is possible to achieve this with minimal effort or the fear of cosmetic overload.

These 6 items are your ‘go anywhere’ collection, they fit neatly into your handbag and allow you to perform an  ‘on the move’ makeover quickly and effectively.

Stick to products that deliver with impact and look good literally with the first make-up item.

Right On To It Then – My 6 Make-up Essentials

No. 1:  Concealer  –  YSL  Touche Eclat




The YSL Touche Eclat is a brilliant concealer, does exactly what you would expect, I’ve found that these days I find it a challenge to get a good nights sleep and if I have something important on or just want to look my best then I really do rely on my touche Eclat.  You will be amazed at just how little you will need and with incredible results, gives a great cover without looking too heavy, in fact it is very light with and will make those dark circles disappear.  I like to use it in the crease of my nostrils and a little on my chin.

I would recommend that you click just the once and apply onto the back of your hand and with your ring finger and using just the tip gently dab under the eye area, around nostrils and chin if needed, be careful not to rub in or over blend, you should try not to drag the sensitive skin around and under your eye, just gently pat around until you feel confident that it looks natural.

No. 2:  Foundation  –  YSL  Touche Eclat Foundation Le Teint in BD50




Choose a foundation that will give you a good coverage and light reflecting properties, but above all the right shade for you, a great way to test is to apply along the jaw line, if it disappears then it’s the right shade for you, but try not to go to pale, it can make you look a little washed out.  I must admit I do tend to go one shade darker and just make sure that I blend it in well, especially around the jaw, I would also think about choosing a liquid foundation, and not too heavy, my personal favourite is Touche Eclat Foundation in BD50 it gives me the cover I want without looking too thick and really does look smooth without seeping into our fine lines, (or dare I say “Wrinkles”, but we don’t have those do we, ladies 😉

Once you have decided on what shade you need, apply onto the back of your hand and either with a brush, sponge or fingers dot around your face starting with your forehead and moving down your nose and onto your cheeks then finishing along your jaw onto your chin, then blend in around your eyes starting from the outer corner and working towards your nose being carful not to drag the skin, go over again using what ever method you have chosen and just gently blend in.

No. 3:  Bronzer  –  YSL Les Sahariennes – Sun-kissed Blur For A Healthy Glow Balm Powder in Number 6 –  Sienne




I do love my YSL Bronzer and the key thing to remember is to look at what shade you need and taking into account what Season we are in, I keep the same shade but adjust the application accordingly, in the cooler months I tend to use just a little as a contour with just a little sweep along my cheek bone and under my chin but in the Summer I do love to blend all over, don’t go mad and over do the look and it will look natural, use a matt and cream or powder is fine, remember we just want a warm glow.

No.4:  Blusher  –  YSL – Lips & Cheeks  Soft Matt Colour in Number 4 – Orange Fougueux




I really do thin that a cream blusher is much kinder on dare I say ‘mature skin’, very forgiving and it really does give a hint of colour without looking to over powering, more of a dewy look.  You only need two or three dots, I was taught to smile and apply blusher along the indent and just a little on the cheekbone, blend it in gently and that should leave you with a nice little glow :

No. 5:  Mascara  –  YSL  Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara For A False Lash Effect in Number – Noir High Density  Black or Noir Radical for Evening.




My very first YSL make-up product, I literally go into a panic if I run out or don’t have it, False Lash effect is exactly what the look delivers for me right from the first stroke of the mascara wand, I go for High Density Black or Noir Radical for an evening or more dramatic look.  It has a smooth, glossy appearance that leaves your lashes looking healthy with high impact, you really do not need much, two good applications and your good to go.

No.6:  Lipstick  –  YSL  Rouge Pur Couture in No.  13 




My YSL Rouge Pur Couture Red lipstick – This colour is what suits me and to be honest most skin tones and shade could get away with using this particular shade, it has more of an orange tone but you may find that if you are wanting to go a little more daring then you could go for a blue tone red for more drama or if you want to tone down my red lipstick then apply a clear or peach gloss.  Give it a try!

I’m sure that you will notice that all my make-up bag products are Yves Saint Laurent, they never let me down, YSL delivers the look that gives me the most confidence enough to know that I really do not tend to look at other Luxury products and it most definitely keeps my life simple with ease of choice.  However, that is not to say that I would not recommend any other brand and if there is a particular brand that you have faith then to be honest these rules still apply.

YSL for me is the smart way to shop, I know that purchasing more than one item in one shopping trip will sting a little but like me why don’t you decided which make-up item you feel you would use more and start with that choice, I do like to shop around and see where the best price may be but usually I pay between £23 – £25 for my YSL Mascara and about the same for my YSL Lipstick, I only purchase two lipsticks a year and the mascara usually lasts about 2 – 3 months and I wear them every day.

If you still have room in your hand bag, why not add the following………………

Eyeliner or Eye Pencil

These you can add whenever you want and here are two suggestions that you could have a try or think about but to be honest concentrate on the essentials first!

YSL  –  Long lasting Waterproof Eye Crayon  in Violet Massa




YSL   –  Eyeliner Effect Faux Cils Bold Fetl-tip Eyeliner Pen



To Finish On

So, these are my 6 make-up essentials and really only recommendations, they work for me and form the base of my look, I don’t always use all of them together but once you have the idea of what really helps to keep your cosmetic choice easy and this guide will help to keep life a little simpler I have felt that with age and complications in life that I like to almost give myself a set of rules to follow and for me it has to be ………… a minimal option.

I hope that this guide has helped you and I would love to hear from you, all feedback and comments are welcomed below…..


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