Loving My Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Makeup and Skincare Giftset


Well, I had a pleasant surprise on Christmas morning last year, when I opened my Estée Lauder Pure Color Makeup and Skincare Giftset, especially as it was beautifully presented in a fabulous case!  I’ve always been a YSL girl and I was quite taken back that my Husband had been listening, when I just happened to drop a hint that when you buy any fragrance from the Estée Lauder counter you get the opportunity to purchase a case of makeup and skincare ‘goodies’ at the ridiculously low price of £58 (roughly. $74).

You can imagine my delight as a Beauty Therapist, that has a passion in this area,  I was like a child in a candy shop 🙂 (coming from the UK we would say Sweet Shop at this point!).


My Goodie Bag of Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy and Skincare Delights


Let me walk you through the contents of the case………..

Pure Color Envy Makeup



The first thing to catch my eye was the gorgeous eye/blusher/lip gloss palette, comprising 16 Pure Color Envy  Eye Shadows.  the range of colors includes:

  • 07 Untamed Teal 1
  • 06 Currant Desire 2
  • 24 Audacious Nude
  • 05 Fiery Saffron 4
  • 27 Strong Currant
  • 25 Fierce Sable
  • 10 Envious Orchid
  • 07 Untamed Teal 07
  • 29 Quiet Power
  • 11Captivating Cocoa 2
  • 05 Fiery Saffron 1
  • 11 Decadent Copper
  • 06 Currant Desire 4
  • 05 Fiery Saffron 5
  • 20 Ominous
  • 13 Savage Storm 5

There is an ideal selection of shades and finishes, I particularly love the matt and shimmer finishes.

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush, (3 shades)

Net weight  .09oz 2.6g each.  These alone would cost more than the offer price if you were to buy these separately.  Color choices: Limited Edition 27 Luminizer,  Limited Edition 28 Rosy Glow,  Limited Edition 29 Sculpting Bronzer.

This brilliant selection of Blushers covers a range of skin tones, and I think this comes in very clever design.

To finish of this compact there is a Fab shimmering full-size Pure Color Envy lip gloss in Flirtatious Magenta 340 just enough without going over board.



Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara



Again, this is an incredible offer, a full-size Mascara in Extreme Black, I love the packaging, very classy with its gold and navy container, the applicator has the depth and size that gives the most impact for me anyway, I just do not get on with thin Mascara wands, a personal choice I know.

I felt impressed right from the first stroke, it delivers the glamorous look that suits me and gives me confidence.

I find that the mascara is easy to remove before bed time, it may be removed gently and avoids the risk of damage to the delicate eye area, something that becomes more important with aging skin.

Pure Color Envy Lip Gloss



Full size in Discreet Nude 110

I’m not really a “nude” girl but it is growing on me!

It glides over my ‘old standard’ (YSL red lipstick – Rouge Pur Couture in Le Orange 13) nicely and gives a glamorous look for an evening out.

This was a real first for me, I can’t quite believe that I have tried something other than my very favorite YSL lipstick for the first time in many years, obviously, I will stay true to my orange but it’s good to be adventurous from time to time.

Actually, it’s in my handbag, big shocker!

Pure Color Envy Lipstick



Full size in Dynamic 410

Not a color that I would naturally choose but it is always great to try something when it is on offer and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with it’s dark peachy/light raspberry tones. It most definitely provides a good ‘day’ look.

Pure Color Envy Lipstick

Full size in Envious 340

All I would say that it has tones of raspberry red and (featured here at the top of this photo demonstration going clockwise, Envious 340, 410 Dynamic and Discreet Nude 110), it’s  not too heavy either, and could be worn day or evening.

Estée Lauder Advanced Micro Cleansing Foam

This product is recommended for “All Skin Types”.  It comes in very handy, as I found out that I had forgotten to pack my cleanser when we went away for Christmas.

I am Always a little hesitant at trying new skincare products but again this product delivers. If you do tend to suffer from dry skin then you may find that it can leave your skin feeling a little tight.  I’ve noticed that with myself being post menopausal that I have developed dry cheeks but the Advanced Micro Cleansing Foam does appear to be controlling my T-Zone nicely.

It does state on the packaging to apply onto damp skin but I actually add water after squirting a small amount on my palms and then foaming it up, I would also recommend the use of damp cotton wool to remove.  I’ve used it every day since, as you can see from the messy tube 😉

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Synchronized complex II for “All Skin Types”.

I have looked at this skincare product so many times thinking that it’s a night serum and only to be used then, skipping past many a beauty counter with this particular product feeling that do I really want to spend that much on a night time treatment? Feeling a little foolish now in the knowledge that it’s to be used morning and night.

It is one of Estée Lauder’s signature products and testing it out over the last month or so has left me in no doubt…….. that it works!

The Serum has an oily appearance, but I can happily confirm that there is no oil or residue left on the skin at all, just a lovely smooth feel.

I tend to dab a little under the eye area with my ring finger and around any fine lines, forehead, nose and cheeks.

I have to admit that it makes a good makeup base.

In short, Yes, I would certainly purchase more of the Advanced Night Repair and it definitely also gives my YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum a good run for the money.

Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme +

Global Anti-aging Cell power cream for “All Skin Types”.

I’m always drawn to the words of “Anti-Aging” who isn’t hey!  I would be happy if I could just slow the aging process down to a halt but it ain’t going to happen although anything is a bonus 😉

I have been testing out this product for over a month now and I am pleased with the results, nothing has changed dramatically, but the cream does leave a smooth finish much like the Advanced Night Repair, with the only difference being that there does feel like there is a slight residue on my skin after application.

Again, I tend to dab under my eye area and smooth over my neck and cheeks sweeping up towards my forehead, you really only need the tip of your finger size portion.

It does make an excellent base for my foundation and I’ve even used just a small amount in with my usual foundation with excellent results and finish.

My little perfume treat

It was very nice to receive a free perfume sample, I quite like this light fragrance but for me, it will be a perfume that I would use during the day rather than in the evening.

My full-size perfume present used to purchase my Estée lauder Pure Colour case of goodies:

Estée Lauder Cinnabar

It’s gorgeous, not too heavy, but you definitely know that you are wearing it.


The Finished look



Using all of the above skincare.

Using my YSL Touche Eclat Foundation in BD50 , Estée Lauder Sculpting Bronzer in Limited Edition 29, brushing along the cheek bone, temples, either side of the nose and under the chin and blending in after, Estee Lauder 27 Luminizer over the cheek bone and just a little on the forehead.

Estée Lauder Limited Edition Rosy Glow Blusher on the apple of the cheeks, Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Eye shadow in 07 Untamed Teal 5 underneath the brow and on the inner corners of the eye, 20 Ominous along the crease of the eye lid, 05 Fiery Saffron from the outer corner gliding close to the lash line and stopping halfway and the same applied to the bottom lid and stopping halfway, just remember to blend in and not to over load your brush.

To change for an evening look, just simply add more onto existing and use the Pure Colour Envy lip gloss in Magenta.

I’ve taken these two photos in natural light to give you more of an idea of the overall look for day time wear.  Although I’m looking a little serious 😉



Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below, I’m a chatter box and I would love to pass on my wealth of experience and knowledge to give you a helping hand…


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