June’s Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupte Review

Yet another beautiful makeup product is Yves Saint Laurent’s Blush Volupté 🙂

This gorgeous Gold mirrored powder blush compact with the unique YSL logo on the front is absolutely gorgeous.  The added benefit of having a mirror inside the top lid when you open it is just perfect.

As with all YSL products, this powder blush just shouts luxury, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to  own something pretty and shiny hey.

Product Overview

Product:  Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupté

Shade:  No 8 in Heroine

Purchased From:  Debenhams Department Store

Price I paid:  £33.50 (approx. $43)

My Rating:  9/10 only because I do prefer a cream blush

On to the Blush Then

I always feel like a little girl in a candy shop when I purchase something from the YSL product range.

The packaging has a chic elegance both inside and out, it looks every inch the designer brand that I have come to know and trust throughout my career as a Beauty Therapist.

The Blusher compact is very slim yet substantial enough to be placed in any handbag, I can honestly say that hand on heart I have never noticed a scratch on any of my YSL makeup essentials over the years and believe-you-me I do tend too just throw things into my handbags.

The mirror inside the lid of the blush compact is plenty big enough to aid the initial application of your blusher or when you may wish to freshen your look with a top-up to take you from day to night wear.

The Block of Gorgeousness

The Block square of blush sits perfectly within the compact along side the cute little blusher brush with the gorgeous YSL logo printed on top.

To be honest the brush provided is more than adequate to deliver the desired amount of blush to the cheeks.

The thing that I love the most, is the matt powder around the edges of the block square, this could be used for day wear but then to add a touch of glamour and sparkle for an evening look, a small square of powder with just a hint of shimmer sits in the middle of the block. 

The handy little blusher brush provided is more than adequate to deliver either of the looks mentioned.

Other shades:

The Softness of a Powder

Although I do love and prefer my YSL ‘Baby Doll’ Kiss and Blush cream blusher, it is kinder for us older chicks 😉 I think that for day wear during the cooler months the powder blush is perfect for just adding a hint of colour.

The powder is very fine when the brush is swept over the block gently, hence aiding a softer coating of shade.

Alternatively, you could use the powder blush for contouring, simply dust a light coat using your brush  just under your cheek bone, to achieve this, look in the mirror and smile, you will notice your line immediately. 

Then gently apply your YSL ‘Baby Doll’ Kiss and Blush almost on top of the powdered coat but underneath as tightly as you can, try to blend it in, circle on the ball of your cheekbone, again smile and you will see it.

In My Opinion

You will find as with all good make up brands that you will not need to re-apply your blusher throughout the day unless it’s a hot day and you are working up a sweat of course.

I very rarely need to re-apply unless I’m out and about and decide to go straight for dinner from day wear, it really is long wearing and has fantastic durability.

On point for value for money as always with YSL, these incredible makeup products will last for months and they will cover season to season taking into consideration all makeup trends too.

As with all makeup products it is essential that you look after your brushes and clean them regularly by using a small amount of cleanser, please avoid washing up liquid and detergents, remember they do get used on your face and delicate eye area.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or question, I would love to see what your thoughts are.


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