June’s YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzer review

LOVE LOVE LOVE my YSL Les Saharinnes Bronzer!  It will give you the flawless makeup finish that you would expect from a YSL product.

Although Bronzers are typically a more prominent product for the summer months. I use mine all year round.

I must admit that when YSL decided to change Les Sahariennes from a powder to more of a creamy consistency I really didn’t take to it at first, but the results are AMAZING.  I have found that the cream smooth’s over my fine lines effortlessly.

Product Overview

Product:  YSL Les Sahariennes – Sun-kissed Blur For A Healthy Glow Balm Powder in Number 6 –  Sienne
Price:  I paid £32 ($41 approx.)
Purchased from:  Debenhams (International Deliver available)
My rating:  10/10

In my opinion the YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzer is the BEST Bronzer I have ever purchased, I have complete confidence that this product will deliver the overall polished look I want, and with just the right amount of shade and tone needed for my age and skin tone.

The Les Sahariennes very cleverly illuminates, yet has a gorgeous Matt finish, perfect for covering up any shiny skin and leaves a flawless looking skin with a warm glow.

YSL are brilliant at creating makeup and skincare products that will suit most skin types and any age group.

We can all be a little intimidated by the young fresh faced models looking glamorous. but bare in mind that we have a wealth of experience and with clever application by using the same products are more than a match for those young ones.

The rich and dense composition of the product is designed to deliver just a small amount on to the brush which is ideal for contouring without the danger of an overload of bronzer, it is much better to build up light layers to achieve a natural looking glow.


I’m aware of 7 shade options, (if you know of others please let me know): Please note that not all the shades listed are within this photo.

No 1.  Apricot

No 2.  Sable

No 3.  Epice

No  4.  Fave

No  5.   Amber

No  6.  Sienne (featured)

No  7.  Cuivre

Sienne being second from the right featured in the photo above.

Looking at the shades my recommendation would be to use Numbers 1 – 3 on Fair to Medium skin tones, Numbers 4 – 6 Medium to Dark skin tones and Number 7 for Dark skin tones.

I have Olive tones to my skin and I tan easily so I would naturally opt for No 4, 5 or 6.

A Little Tutorial

You can apply Bronzer after any foundation, moisturising tint or BB,(primer), cream or straight onto bare skin if that’s your preference.  My recommendation for a more polished look or evening wear would be to use a base makeup first.

For a contoured look I would go with my three easy steps:

No 1.  Take a small amount onto the brush and with one swipe apply either side of the temple.


No 2.  A small amount and sweep long each cheek bone.


No 3.  A small amount and sweep along the jaw line.

Now gently blend in and with the excess left on your brush use gently over the rest of your face.

I sometimes like to apply a little down each side of my nose but not really necessary.  Check out my How to look Younger Post.

My Conclusion

I strongly recommend that the YSL Les Sahariennes is your one constant Summer make up purchase or in my case to be worn all year round no matter what the weather.

Next time you are out shopping and find yourself in the beauty and cosmetic department pop along to the YSL counter and ask to try the Les Sahariennes, you will be blown away right from the word go.

It’s the best feeling when you turn heads in your 50’s even better when a young lady asks “what makeup do you use?”

Debenhams have a fabulous Beauty Department and remember those Beauty Points add up whether buying in store or online.  it’s Always nice to have a free treat 😉

I would love to read your comments, feedback and answer any questions that you may have relating to this review, please feel free to leave below.


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