YS: have developed yet another great product with YSL Full Metal Eye Shadow, I have recently purchased Number 11, a beautiful shade of Gold and looking absolutely gorgeous in it’s luxury packaging.

YSL Full Metal Eye Shadow

If you are looking for a Summer eye shadow or merely in need of something just a little bit special then I would not hesitate to recommend you take a look at this must have eye shadow.

It’s compact design means it will fit in any handbag and actually has the appearance of a lipstick or lip gloss within the branded YSL tube.  You will be blown away by the quick drying and no smudge application.

Product Overview

Product:  YSL Full Metal Eye Shadow
Shade:  Number 11 with Gold Tones
Price:  I paid £21 ($27 Approx)
Place I Purchased From: Debenhams (International Delivery Available)

The YSL Full Metal Eye Shadow, is a liquid formula, and is very manageable, with no mess or drips, you can pull the applicator straight from the container and apply onto the eye lid with no worries whatsoever.

I have read that it “lasts up to 16 hours”, and in my own experience I would agree that it does not fade throughout the day or smudge.  It’s longevity is a BIG plus for the more mature delicate eye area.

The Full Metal Eye Shadow is water based with added pearls of gorgeousness lending it’s appearance to a metallic look hence it’s title.

The available shades at the time of writing this post are:

All numbered from left to right, Number 11 is the second row, second from the right.

The packaging is in my opinion very sophisticated looking with the gold lid, with the traditional YSL Logo within a silver band.  you can monitor how much you are using, I like to know when I am nearing the end so that I can make another purchase without the risk of the running out.

The applicator is the right length for easy of use with a tilted tip and flat on one side again all very cleverly designed for efficiency.

My Guide For Use

My recommendation  would be to either apply the Full Metal Eye Shadow by using the applicator provided, or alternatively if you prefer, you could use a small eye shadow brush  Remember to dab any excess then apply over the whole of the eye lid right up to the crease Avoid taking it past there, (and up on to the brow bone), as it could look too full-on and creates the danger of highlighting those small lines and extra creases which we are hoping to draw attention away from.

Another option would be to apply the Full Metal Eye Shadow on top of an eye liner or pencil to soften up a harsh looking line or to merely add a touch of sparkle and dazzle.  Take a peek at my Best Eye Makeup for Summer post.

Application Tip: My recommendation would be that if you get too much of the product on the applicator then dab the excess on the back of your hand or a tissue, , I would rather build up light layers over one heavy application, just think, you can add more but removing is another matter entirely.

My Conclusion

The YSL Full Metal Eye Shadow, deliveries a very glam look that is long lasting, want smudge, is great for the over 50 age group and incredible value for money with many applications from one container.

Buy one now before the Summer is in full swing, I purchased mine last year and it took me through all four Seasons.

As always, It will be great to read your comments, feedback or questions, feel free to leave below.

6 thoughts on “June’s YSL Full Metal Eye Shadow Review

  1. Hi June,
    this was a great review. I’ve never actually heard of a liquid eyeshadow before until coming upon your blog. Made me curious about the differences between this product and a regular powder eyeshadow. Do they bear the same results? which is better in terms of appearance? cheers to you

    1. Hi Ellie,

      Great to see your name crop up on another one of my reviews, lovely to connect with you and thank you 🙂

      Liquid Eye Shadows are brilliant and so easy to use with instant results. To be honest both powder and liquid bases shadows are equally as good as each other but I do think that the Liquid does have the edge with a more glamorous feel and look. The Liquid does seem to last longer with less smudging and can be applied more directly with precision.

      I would take a look at the YSL Full Metal Eye Shadow the Matts, have a peek at the Debenhams or the YSL Official Skincare and Makeup website to give you more of an idea regarding colour matches and choice, the “Matts” would be perfect for day wear.

      Lovely to be able to reply once again and have a great week.

      Best wishes


  2. Hi June,

    I’m going to be hitting that over 50 mark early next year and your information on YSL eye shadow is great. I’ve never been one for make-up, I usually use a small amount of foundation, powder and blush, but now that I’m getting older, I think I’m going to have to step up my game!

    Gold is a bit much for me, but a light rose would maybe work. Depending on the color, do some go on much darker than others? I would like to avoid anything to dark.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I think that you have made a mistake surely and mean that you will be “hitting 30” judging by your profile photo 🙂

      You have the right approach to makeup by using your Foundation, Powder and Blush, they are great essentials are great for giving a natural look.

      I would look at the YSL Full Metal Eye Shadow in “Rose Cascade” or take a look at the YSL Full metal Eye Shadow the Mats in 13 Velvet Beige or how about the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencil in Champagne Diamonds by taking a look at Net-A-Porter.com.

      I hope that my advice has helped and look forward to hearing you reply.

      Have a lovely weekend and happy Eye shadow purchasing.


  3. I know the makeup is for women over 50, however, I find that shade beautiful and might need to get my mom and myself one.

    Do you think the blue or purple are a hint shade like the gold you are showing. I love a splash of color but do not want to look like a clown?

    Thanks for your tips June.

    1. Hi Krissy,

      You certainly have great taste and style that is for sure 🙂 Your Mom will love the YSL Full Metal Eye Shadow and why not treat yourself hey :)))

      I LOVE all the shades in this product and there is no danger of looking like a clown, YSL are very clever with their ingredients and design, you will find that only as much as you need will appear on the applicator for one application. My advice is always to dab on to be back of your hand or a tissue before applying or use a small brush but use the same technique.

      I would have a play around with various looks until you find one that you are comfortable with, that’s what I do and I have been trained 😉

      Both the Blue and Purple are gorgeous, I would go with your personal favourite.

      Let me know how you get on, would love to hear from you again.

      Best wishes


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