June’s YSL Dessin Du Regard Eye Pencil Review

I am sure that you will LOVE the YSL Dessin du Regard Eye Pencil, it glides gracefully over the eyelid without dragging the delicate skin around the eye.YSL Dessin Du Regard Eye Pencil

It’s waterproof and long wearing, I can say, hand on heart, that I have worn this YSL Eye pencil for work in hot weather and have gone straight onto an evening event without having to adjust my eye makeup.

It is full on glamour with just one quick sweep across the eye lid 🙂

Product Overview

Product:  YSL Dessin Du Regard Eye Pencil – Waterproof – Long Lasting
Shade:   12
Price I Paid:  £20 ($26 Approx)
Placed I Purchased From:  Debenhams (International Delivery Options)
My Rating:  10/10

My YSL Dessin Du Regard Eye Pencil purchases

I usually buy the YSL Eye Pencil in two shades, No.12 (I would describe as pale Aqua shade) as featured and in addition I use No. 10. (I would describe as Violet in shade)

Both of these shade compliment a tan very nicely regardless of your own skin tone.  If you have lighter skin or prefer to stay out of the sun then they will look perfect without the tan too.

As you can see from my photo they are a firm favourite of mine.

All the shades will look great all year round but I do love to use No. 12 when I have that Sun Kissed look.

The Consistency is of a cream in nature, but solidly packed for ease of use.  It literally does glide across the eye lid and has a wonderful smooth, almost silky feel and finish.

I have worn the YSL Dessin Due Regard Eye Pencil on a 10 hour flight with a two hour either side within the airport, transferred to my hotel etc… and to my amazement it still looked freshly applied.

Incredibly, despite it being both waterproof and long wearing the eye pencil can easily be removed with a simple eye makeup remover or cleanser in no time at all, let’s face it the last thing we need after a long day is to spend time in the bathroom removing our makeup.

Other Shades available

My Top Tips for application

Preliminaries: Start by either applying your base makeup  and/or base eye shadow.  A speedy alternative would be to apply your foundation on to freshly cleansed, toned and moisturised skin, followed by your Bronzer and Blusher if preferred.

Moving now onto the eye pencil:

Firstly:  Start at the inner corner of the eye and about a third of the way across glide the pencil following the lash line well into the outer corner as far as is comfortable.

Secondly:  Apply a thin layer to the bottom lid and again follow the lash line but this time start about half way across the lid.

Finally:  If you are looking for a more intense look with a deeper colour then just simply take the YSL Eye Pencil all the way across both top and bottom lids.

Below you can compare for yourself which one you would prefer, looking directly at the photo, the eye lid on the left is completely covered whilst the right side has the pencil taken two thirds of the way across.

YSL Dessin Du Regard in No 12


Another Option:  Ideally, more for an evening or occasion look.  I would use the eye pencil and cover in the whole of the eye lid with may be just a little along the bottom lid taking it more in to the outer corner of the eye with a little more intensity or just sweep a little Bronzer on to the bottom lid before applying all your Mascara.  I must admit that this option is my favourite one to use now.


In Conclusion:

The YSL Dessin Du Regard Eye Pencil is perfect for us over 50’s who want to stay young.  it’s very kind and gentle to use, to reiterate the pencil is waterproof and incredibly long wearing, it leaves a flawless finish with a dramatic affect and I have no doubt those compliments will just come flying in your direction 😉

Purchase Details:

I purchased my YSL Dessin Du Regard Eye Pencils from Debenhams online and saved £10 by using my Beauty Points, money that had been converted from my points from previous purchases.  Don’t forget that they deliver Internationally, do keep a look out for delivery offers 🙂

Please feel free to drop me a line by leaving your comments below, I would love to hear from you.



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