Well, I had to make my essential cosmetic purchases to help me through the Summer and I want to share my passion and top tips. So here we go with June’s Three Yves Saint Laurent makeup choices to help you look cool at 50 🙂

Oh, I sure like me, we are all looking forward to those warm summer evenings, if we are lucky hey, I love to dine Alfresco or simply sit outside with a glass of bubbly feeling pretty with my Summer makeup on.

Yves Saint Laurent Makeup


Ok, Why Yves Saint Laurent? I hear you ask?

For me the answer is simple, you will never be disappointed with the instant glamorous look and feel, the effect is immediate, product reliability, stand out beauty, have I have complete confidence with the ease of application and performance.

Here Are my Three YSL Makeup Choices:

YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzer in Sienne

Performance & value is outstanding in my opinion.  It will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and with a flawless finish.

YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzer

It is perfect for contouring by helping to emphasize those gorgeous cheek bones, and gives shading to the forehead down either side of the nose and will give definition to the jaw line.

Then for an extra sun kissed look just simply blend in around the face with as little or much as you prefer, to be honest there is no limit but just bare in mind that you do not want your face to look darker than the rest of your body.  There is no danger of the “Orange” look with YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzer.

The icing on the cake for me with this Bronzer is that it has a matt finish, perfect for enhancing and complimenting your features without all the sparkle and glitter, it will have a more natural look and feel especially whilst sitting in the Sun with no added glare or shine.

YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush

We all need a touch of “Baby Doll” no matter what our age but seriously, this YSL makeup product is perfect for us mature ladies.

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss and Blush

The Kiss and Blush, has a beautiful creamy consistency that is exactly what we need to apply onto our cheeks as blusher, it is kind and doesn’t sink into any fine lines or dare I mention “wrinkles”.


The applicator is fantastic at giving us the control of just how much to apply onto our cheeks, I would recommend dabbing the excess from the applicator onto the back of our hand first then by just gently make small dabs directly onto the cheek in a small circle around the front then into the hollow of our cheeks, blend in gently and you should have a nice glow.

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

In other words “Luxurious Mascara For a False Lash Effect”.

YSL Mascara For a False Lash effect

It does exactly what it says, don’t ask me how YSL do it, but the right from the first stroke of the Mascara wand it just looks incredible.  I have lashes that look long, silky and lots of them, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Mascara, it is the only makeup item that I make sure that I never run out of!

The amount of compliments I receive about my lashes are incredible and believe you me I do tend to lap them up, why not hey.

You could get away with just wearing this Mascara without any eye shadow or eyeliner and still look gorgeous.

I do like to keep my strokes long a slow whilst applying YSL Mascara making sure that you coat your lashes right to the tip.

I also like to build up several layers rather than one thick coat, leads to a more natural looking effect.  Try not to keep dipping the mascara wand in too many times though or pumping it, can lead to bacteria getting in if you are not careful (my college training and a professional tip).

ysl false lash mascara

Another professional tip:

When you are happy that you have applied enough Mascara make sure that you place the applicator back and keep it air tight, once the air gets in it will dry out.

When your Mascara wand gets too clogged up or if you think that may be the Mascara could be drying up or looking ‘gloopy’ then wash the wand with a little cleanser but making sure to dry it well before introducing it back in to the mascara, do not use detergent or soap, remember it will be used on your lashes!

Ready to rock

You now have your Three makeup staples to kick start your look ready for Summer or even any Season to be honest, I use mine all year round.

I Purchased all three products from Debenhams Department Store using my Beauty Points but you can also buy online with International Shipping available or the Official site of YSL and other well known retailers of course.

  • My YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzer cost £32 ($41 approx.)
  • My YSL Mascara cost £25.50 ($33 approx.)
  • My YSL Kiss and Blush cost £29 ($37 approx.)

Please leave me a comment below, would love to hear what your thoughts are or if there is another brand of makeup that I could help give advice on:

10 thoughts on “June’s Three Yves Saint Laurent Makeup Choices to help you look cool at 50

  1. Hmm interesting take on it, definitely going to carefully mention them to my wife 😀

    I can’t do them as I am a man, but what I found working for me was to dye my hair grey, which actually look really cool in my eyes.

    I am not very old, but am slowly getting there.

    1. Hi Alex,

      How is the Grey hair going? 😉 I do everything to avoid the Grey although obviously I’m a natural Blonde ;))))

      YSL makeup is sheer luxury and Designer Brand that all us Girls want regardless of age! Most Women’s eyes will light up when you mention Yves Saint Laurent skincare and makeup products, you will have lots of brownie points if you but your Wife any product from YSL and a very happy Lady.

      It’s always great to hear from a Male point of view.

      Happy Shopping and have a great weekend.

      All the best


  2. Hey there
    That was a great read! Very informative! You definitely know your make up!
    I am 31 years old but I can see the difference in the more up market brands of make up.
    I have a oily T zone so I tend to have to use a combination of products to get the flawless look.
    Thanks for the great post! I will pass the information on to my mum. I am sure she will get some very useful information!

    1. Hi Hailey,

      Please accept my late reply 🙂

      Lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for the positive comments, really do appreciate.

      I do love skincare and makeup, it’s my passion especially when I can help and guide others into making a purchase that is value for money, tried and tested.

      Combination products are the best for an oily T-Zone but have you tried Serums such as the YSL Forever Youth Liberator instead of using moisturisers, they do not leave any residue or excess oil, I would also recommend trying an oil control product and most definitely use a toner after cleansing, it will help restore the PH balance.

      Please do pass on my post to your Mum, I’m sure that she will enjoy a touch of pampering with a brand that you can trust.

  3. Gorgeous makeup and a great review! I’m not 50 but I too can appreciate the glamour and sophistication of this brand. I am especially drawn to the Kiss & Blush product as I find coral tones to be really flattering on my fair skin tone. The bronzer also looks to be a perfect cool tone non-shimmery color! Great post!

    1. Hi Monet,

      Thank you for your uplifting and positive comments, made my day 🙂 Particularly from someone as glamorous and stylish as yourself, clearly a mere youngster still.

      I LOVE the Kiss and Blush, it really does give a rosy glow and is so flattering for all ages and skin types, a real must have for the Summer or all year round in my case, one of my absolute Essentials.

      You are spot on re the YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzer, because it’s a matt finish to compliments and enhances the face beautifully and adds more of a sun kissed glow rather than full on shimmer, perfect for those Summer evenings.

      Thank you once again and please feel free to leave more comments and feedback, all very much appreciated.

      Have a great week


  4. Thanks for the review on the YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch concealer, it helped a lot to know which ones to try based on your skin tone, it is hard to get that right when ordering online! I have an ugly line under my nose when I smile, I think this is what you referred to as a “Cupids Bow”. Will the YSL Concealer hide that? If not what do you suggest that will make that line disappear?

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Lovely to meet such a pretty lady with an interest in makeup and wanting to look your best 🙂 Something I can identify with.

      You are right, it is difficult to get the shading right when ordering makeup products online. Touche Eclat meets the requirements for all skin types and tones, it has a unique ingredient that really does help to reflect the light making those dark circles and skin blemishes disappear.

      I am sure that your line along your Cupids Bow isn’t “ugly” at all, we are all naturally drawn to anything that stands out on our own faces, we are our own worst enemies hey, me in particular 😉 My advice would be to use one of the Serums such as the YSL Forever Youth Liberator to try and plump it out a little then to apply a small amount of Touche Eclat, just dab along the line and blend in slightly. Try not to overload with product though because that can sometimes highlight the problem area more or use too much powder, cream bases products tend to be kinder for us.

      If my advice has not worked then please contact me sending in a photo and I will be more than happy to help you out.

      I hope that your week is going well.

      all the best


  5. Hi, I have an awful time with my face sweating, so it is very hard for me to wear makeup in the summer, how does the YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzer in Sienne hold up if you sweat a lot?

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Lovely to hear from you once again 🙂

      I know how it feels to suffer from sweating around and on the face, it’s uncomfortable and can feel miserable.

      I have to say that the YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzer does past the test but my advice would be to use less on the areas more prone to sweating and just to use the Bronzer along the cheek bones on a very hot or humid day and may be to apply more when the coolness of evening arrives. I would just dab the areas or patches of sweat with a tissue, preferably a damp one, you will find it will help to seal in the YSL Les Sahariennes bronzer.

      If it is still a problem for you then please get in touch and I will do my very best to help you.



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