June’s Easy Guide on How To Shape Eyebrows Perfectly For That Long Lasting Look

Do you want to frame those beautifully made up eyes?  I’ll show you how to shape eyebrows perfectly with instant results that can last for weeks.

Just because we are in our 50’s doesn’t mean that we need to forget or dial down our eyebrows!  They are the frame for our eyes and face.

I’m not saying that you need to go High Definition although If that’s what gives you the confidence you need then go for it, why not hey 😉


My Little Tutorial on Those, Dare I Say “Sexy” Eyebrows

I really do need to point out though, that I would always recommend booking in with a professional Beauty Therapist if only to get the shape and advice that you need.

Whether visiting a Salon or starting at home, you MUST REMOVE ALL TRACES OF MAKE-UP and give your skin a good cleanse, you really do not want to block those pores or cause an infection!

Personally, I would recommend that you have your eyebrows waxed or threaded, but plucking using tweezers will still give you the defined shape you are looking to achieve.

Identifying The Shape Of Your Eyebrow

Three Key Things To Remember

Firstly  –  Where The Brow Begins


Taking a line from the inner corner of your eye, using a make-up brush, orange stick or pencil, hold vertical in a straight line up to the top of you your brow, that’s where your shape should start.


Secondly  –  Where The Brow Ends


Using the same method as above hold your make-up brush or alternative drawing a line from the outer corner of your eye diagonally towards your temple, this is where your brow should end.


Thirdly  –  That Sexy Arch


Hold your make-up brush vertically from the centre of your eye straight up, this is where the arch should start and start to thin out towards the outer marker.

Just to clarify: You need to pluck the hairs in the centre between your brows and markers, then underneath your brows taking into consideration where your arch is.  Remember, you are looking not to remove anything above your brow!

Important: Tinting Advice:

“Tinting Must NOT be performed without  performing a “Patch Test” in advance of any tint being applied.  The test should be carried out at least 48 hours prior to having any treatment.  If there is any allergic reaction to the tint then I would really NOT recommend you  have them tinted at all.

When I perform a patch test, I apply a small sample of the tinting solution to the skin behind my ear,  a small ‘pinky finger tip sized’ patch of skin is enough.  Any itchiness, redness or soreness afterward indicates a reaction.  If you don’t know you’ve applied the tint then you have not had a reaction.

Remember also, that if you want your brows tinted please make sure that the tint is applied and completely removed before any shaping begins ie waxing, plucking or threading.

AGAIN!!  Please if you have any doubts or concerns, consult a professional before you have a go, to get good advice and tuition.

I use:P1020331

Obviously,  as I have the training, I still carry out patch tests on myself every now and then or when I am trying a new product.  I often get my own Beauty Therapist to sort mine out for me.

I use a Light Brown Tint being a Blonde 😉 But to be honest you could go as dark as you feel comfortable with.  Just take into consideration, your hair colour, skin tone and colour, you can also mix the tints, occasionally if I feel that I want more definition I tend to add a little Black at certain times of the year, as in the UK our skin colour can vary through the different seasons. 

A couple of images to show how the tint looks applied and the look after with just a light tinted brow:









Please feel free to leave a comment and I will do my very best to answere your questions – thank you…

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