My trial period with the Clarins Complete Age Control Concentrate Double Serum has been a success, it gets my vote for sure 🙂

A very helpful Clarins Beauty Assistant in my local Debenhams Department Store gave me a few sachets of the Double Serum to try out recently.

Clarins literature states that their products have been produced and designed by Skin Specialists, This gives me confidence in the product.

The Double Serum has left my face feeling smooth and oil free, the ‘magical’ ingredients seem to have illuminated my skin with added freshness, I’m impressed!

Product Overview

Product:  Clarins Double Serum (Complete Age Control Concentrate)
Price:  £56 (approx. $73)
Where to Purchase From:  Debenhams
My Rating:  9/10 (I do feel as though it deserves the full 10 but I have only used this product for a month)
Featured Ingredients:  Kiwi Fruit, Great Burdock and Arnica

A Brief History of Clarins

Just a little about Clarins as a company:  the company was founded in 1954 by Jacques Courtin-Clarins (Medical Student) sadly he died in 2007 leaving his Son Christian Courtin-Clarins as the Chariman.

Clarins products have been developed using treatments based on plant extracts and in 1970 became International.

To Quote “Clarins Double Serum is packed full with 20 pure plant extracts including powerful superfoods”.  Sounds very impressive and anything with “superfoods” in the description can only lead to good things in my eyes.

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“Double Serum is the complete age control treatment to revitalise and stimulate skin’s 5 vital functions”, “Hydration, Protection, Nutrition, regeneration and oxygenation.  I have to say that during my training as a Beauty Therapist I was taught these very facts, our skin is constantly changing and very noticeably during middle age where those 5 key functions do need addressing.

Let’s Get Started

My initial findings of using the samples that were very kindly given to me to try out were in fact pleasing, very clever instructions were provided…….the sachet is divided into two separate sections one section containing a clear liquid and the other having an orange tone.

Neither liquid left a film or oil residue giving me the confidence to know that it would mot stain my skin or clothes.

I mixed the two elements together as instructed and began using the product.  After only three days of use Inoticed that my face looked and felt smoother, softer and a little firmer.

But most of all I was pleased to see my fine lines become more plumped out.

My Top Tips for Application

My advice is to always apply the Double Serum onto freshly cleansed skin making sure that you remove all excess cleanser with a damp cotton wool pad and to preferably use a toner beforehand to restore the natural PH balance of the skin.

When applying the serum I would spray the instructed amount onto the palm of your hand, gently rub your palms together, and apply, starting at your neck moving on up to the chin, cheeks then using your ring finger apply around the delicate eye area but avoid the eyes and lids.  Then finally smooth onto the forehead.

You will find that it will dry on the skin instantly.

In My Opinion

Personally, I do prefer a Serum to a moisturiser and although the advice is to use it before moisturising I do ignore the moisturising aspect unless my cheeks look a little dry (eg after sunbathing or exposure to a chilling Winter breeze).

I do try to apply the Double Serum both morning and night.  I can tend to be a little lazy before bedtime and don’t always apply a serum or night cream, however often only using the Serum in the morning has still given me the results I was seeking.

However, I have found that when using my YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum (my preferred Serum that has been my staple purchase over a few years now) in the morning and after showering ready for my evening meal whilst on holiday, that my face does benefit enormously and lines appear less obvious, perhaps, that’s the answer for me, to be permanently on vacation, I’m sure that you will agree hey!

I have complete confidence in Clarins Complete Age Control Double Serum, YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum and also the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II, all three deliver on quality, reliability and performance  you have three great products that I would strongly recommend using, it is never too late to look after your skin.

Thank you for taking a peek at my Double Serum Review and please do not hesitate to leave a comment or question below.


6 thoughts on “June’s Clarins Complete Age Control Concentrate Double Serum Review

  1. Hello June
    I’ve been looking at this product for a while now and been unsure as to whether to try it or not.
    I regularly use Clinique products but would like a change.
    Thank you this review. It has given me the confidence to try out the Clarins product.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      I’m pleased that I’ve helped you to take a look at a product that you have been thinking of 🙂

      To be honest Clinique is a good brand and delivers on quality too but if you are looking to make a change then I would recommend looking into Clarins.

      I would try to get hold of a sample to try out although, if it’s a serum you are looking for then you couldn’t go wrong with Clarins Doubel Serum.

      Happy shopping, it’s always exciting to explore new products or something different even.

      Great to meet you.


  2. I have heard a lot about serums but never understood their application from other anti-aging products. Very nice job explaining this review. As long as I can find a serum for men, I would be very interested. I honestly don’t know what the price should be for these anti-aging products but it is a very big market and you do an excellent job explaining the ins and outs of applying the product and what type of results to seek.

    1. Hi Elan,

      Thank you for taking the time to read through my Clarins Double Serum Review, always great to hear from a Male perspective 🙂

      Lovely of you to leave such positive comments and feedback.

      I have taken a look on the Debenhams online site and found these products for you:

      Clarins ‘ClarinsMen’ Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum £30.00 for 20 ml
      Clarins ‘ClarinsMen’ Moisture Gel for All Skin Types £30.00 for 50 ml
      Revitalising Gel £34.00 for 50 ml

      I do hope that these are of some help to you and please do not hesitate to get back to me with other questions or information.

      Enjoy the rest of your week.



  3. Great review. My mum is over 50 and her skin is very dry, I think tHiis will help her keep her skin moist . You have a high rating so I believe it’s a good product thanks. The price isn’t too bad so I could buy it for her as a present

    1. Hi Emma,

      Lovely to meet you and thank you so much for the positive feedback always great to know that I have helped to make a difference 🙂

      I would not hesitate to buy the Clarins Double Serum as a gift, as you say the pricing is excellent value for money and really does deliver on quality.

      Your Mum will be thrilled to receive this product, it has noticeably made a difference to my skin.

      Never too late to change your skincare products or routine especially in our Fifties, our skin needs the hydration and delicate attention.

      Enjoy the rest of your week Emma.

      All the best


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