Excited to Share my Review About the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencil

Are you in need of a new makeup product for Spring? Let’s face-it, we all are! I hope this review will help you with at least one of your choices.

I’m excited to share my review about the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencil, it is incredibly easy to use and gives dramatic results in seconds.  this product is a real time saver when you are looking to apply a great looking eye shadow with speed.

Product:   Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencil
Description:   Colour Morphing Eye Shadow Pencil
Shade:    Bronzed Garnet for Green Eyes
Where to Buy:   I purchased mine from Net-A-Porter.com
Price:   I paid £19 ($23 approx)
My rating:  10/10

Product Overview

The Charlotte Tilbury range is every bit the quality product that you would expect from this British Makeup Artist with her own branded range of beauty products.

Everything about the product is luxurious, for starters the packaging is very stylish and is complete with all the information that you need. To quote from the packaging “Intensify your eyes natural colour and sparkle.  Choose from a soft-focus day or stunning night look tailored to your eye colour.  Infused with synthetic sapphire lasts up to 10 hours.  Waterproof.  Do not use inside the eyes.”

You will not believe just how easy the Colour Chameleon is to use, it has the feel of “Chubby Stick” it is thicker than a typical eye pencil which allows it to cover the eyelid with ease whilst being an ideal size to hold in your hand and control.

The product itself delivers a velvety texture and just glides over the eyelid with such ease, it does not drag the skin and I find it very easy to blend in.

The Description for the shade of Bronzed Garnet says “for Green eyes” which I would say is highly accurate, yes I have Green eyes but to be honest this shade would suit all.

For the best results I would recommend that you cover the whole lid right up to the crease using a light application, remember you can always add more, then you need to use your “ring finger” (I was taught during my training many years ago that this finger has the least amount of pressure and is ideal), to blend in.

For evening wear I would apply a liquid liner (as per my Summer Makeup post that provides a little demonstration of the YSL Shocking eye liner in Black and the same YSL product is also highlighted in my Spring Look Post) for ease of application and you don’t need a steady hand, I would use small dashes and join them up if you don’t feel confident enough to draw a straight line, I would use about three quarters of the way across of the eye lid staying very close to the lash line. 

Another tip for evening wear is to use the Colour Chameleon along the bottom lashes but keep it light and only about half way across, less is more.

The beauty of using this product for us “more mature ladies” is that you don’t want end up with heavy layers of eye shadow that can collect along the crease of the eyelid which can have the effect of actually highlighting the smaller natural creases too.

The Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye shadow pencil is such a wonderful product to use for the over 50’s, it is light in application, doesn’t show up any of those little creases but delivers on style and glamour for day to evening.


A Little About Net-A-Porter.Com

Net-A-Porter is a designer online shopping website, they deliver to many destinations all over the world, I have used them to send presents to family in Australia, they offer free and beautifully stylish packaging with every purchase.

There service is incredibly professional and luxurious no matter how little you spend with them.  I love the Black Boxes with tissue inside and finished off with a gorgeous bow of Black and White hence my reason for choosing my presents from their site 🙂

Net-A-Porter Net-A-Porter.com

They have three delivery services to choose from:  Standard usually within 3 – 5 working days but some times quite a speedy delivery, Nominated Day – again very accurate and Next Business day if you order before a certain time – I have never experienced any problems what so ever.

The word “Designer” can put some people off, as it often equates “vastly expensive” but you will be amazed by the leap in quality you can obtain from just a small incremental cost, I don’t spend a fortune on any of my purchases and usually stick to the more commercialised brands such Michael Kors, J Crew and when I really push the boat out, McQueen.

They have an excellent beauty products range to choose from, in my opinion with beauty and makeup you get what you pay for and more value for money in the long run.


Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencil is a great makeup product, versatile, incredible value for money, a kind eye shadow to use for the over 50’s, adds Glamour with a hint of sexy 😉

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