Discover the magical ways on how to look younger at 50 and put 21 year old girls to shame hey 😉 Here is my tutorial walk-through on applying makeup and a quick skincare routine to get the fabulous look you want.

I’ll show you how in 5 easy and quick steps.


There is no myth or formula in choosing the right cosmetics for the over 50’s woman BUT……. Having a simple guide that works and gives you confidence is the key.

In my view, you can never look too glamorous no matter what the activity we wish to pursue, it could be a business meeting or simply a shopping trip…. I could go on.  Obviously you do not want or need to spend hours getting ready, let’s face it most of us have neither the time or inclination to do so.

I’m offering you a quick and easy way to get that “fresh look with added glamour in a minimum amount of time “THAT WILL MOST DEFININTELY GET YOU NOTICED!”

Really, I do not want to overwhelm you, so let’s keep it simple for now:

My Before and After:



Identifying Your Changing Skin

I’m really not going to focus too heavily on those fine lines etc.  that we get at our age, let’s call them “mature beauty”.

You have probably noticed that your cheeks are slightly dryer, your T-Zone has a little more oil, open pores are more apparent etc.  The main thing to remember is that all these are just minor natural developments that can easily be addressed and managed, so there’s no need to stress about them, using good quality branded products will most definitely sort out these problems.

Keep your routine simple –  You absolutely MUST remove all traces of make up before retiring to your bed, keep those pores clean, your skin works hard during your sleep, give it a helping hand, then when you are getting ready to face the world…..Cleanse, tone & moisturise every morning, I spend 5 minutes in total, and then you will be ready to begin to apply your beauty products.

Step 1 – Accept who you are

As the saying goes “you have to love yourself” nothing rings more true than when you reach middle age, there is too much focus on fine lines, weight gain, sagging skin, again, I could go on….. The only thing to remember is that we are all beautiful in our own right, our features are a true reflexion of what define us, we have lived, and to be honest we have all had to endure our own personal battles.  Relax and embrace your changing look. Confidence is the key and follow your instinct, it rarely lets us down.  Go for it!

Step 2 – Cleansing

P1010712Premium products can be used safely on most skin types, however if you have a history of skin problems or are using prescription skin products please consult a specialist before using these products.

I use:- Clarins – Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk – Normal To Dry Skin 

I’m using  Clarins as my cleanser right now, I find it gentle especially when removing my make-up, does not cause any irritation to my eyes but in all honesty as soon as I’m nearing the end of the bottle I will be purchasing YSL milk cleanser, again to keep my choices simple.  However, I will need to use for a month before giving a review or promoting as a product.

A quick cleanse:-  Apply a small amount of cleanser into the palm of your hand, (an amount equal to the size of a small coin).  now rub your hands together so the milk is spread around your palms.  Now use your palms to apply the cleanser to your face…….Starting from the neck sweeping upwards onto the chin, then your cheeks and now onto the forehead.  (Make small circular movements), then gently working around the eye area towards the nose but avoiding the eye, glide down the nose , around the mouth and back to the chin, trust me in time this will take only a few seconds.

Now dampen cotton wool pads or a face cloth with clean water and now copy the same movements to remove all traces of cleanser.



Step 3 – Toner

P1010710I Use:- YSL Forever Youth Liberator Toning Lotion

Dampen cotton wool with toner and just pat down but wipe over the forehead, down the nose & over chin to restore balance and remove oil!


Step 4 – Moisturise

P1010708I Use:- YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum (Liberateur Jeunesse )



I’ve found that Serums tend to work better, on shall we say slightly mature skin, less oily and they do tend to plump out those mature beauty lines.

All you need to do is apply small dots to the neck, under the eye, cheeks, and little on the forehead, nose & chin, please don’t stress, doesn’t have to be perfect just a light covering.

Once applied smooth over, but do not rub-in excessively.

If you are looking for more advice and professional help regarding anti-aging then I recommend that you take a look at an excellent website, Timeless Beauty Solutions – Roamy is also a Beauty Therapist with a wealth of experience and thorough product reviews, I have learnt a thing or two.

Step 5 – Make-Up


I Use:-   YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint BD50 






I would recommend visiting the beauty counter of a reputable store to get the colour match you need for your complexion.  If you can obtain some product samples this will allow you to experiment.

Your jaw line is the best place to seek a colour match, if when you apply the foundation it effectively disappears then it’s the right one for you.  If you have a natural pale complexion and you don’t want to look ‘washed out’ then feel free to be a little bit more adventurous and choose the next shade up.  I definitely go darker.

Foundation can be so quick to apply, I do tend to use my fingers but to be honest there are some good brushes out there, YSL have bought out a new flat brush, I need to purchase and most definitely will be demonstrating – excited!

With foundation, you work from the forehead down, I would recommend placing a small amount onto the back of your hand but work fast before it sets, again, dot it around and smooth over but use your ring finger to pat under the eye, make sure you work into the sides of the nose and please don’t worry about blending to much along the jaw line just remember to go easy along there.


I use:-   YSL Les Sahariennes – Sun-kissed Blur For A Healthy Glow Balm Powder in Number 6 –  Sienne







I find that the matt finish best suits me but to be honest, in the Summer you could go with a little bit of a shimmer.

The secret is not to over do this look but to contour – demonstration as photo:


I use:-   YSL Kiss & Blush – Lips & Cheeks  Soft Matt Colour in Number 4 – Orange Fougueux


I really do think that a cream blusher is definitely much kinder and very versatile, can be used as a lipstick or eye shadow – again demonstration here:


Eye Liner And Eye Pencil

I use:-   Dessin Du Regard Crayon Lasting High Impact Colour Eye Pencil with Blending Tip Also Waterproof Pencil in Number 12 Also Dessin Waterproof Stylo Long Wear Precise Eyeliner in Number 3 Bleu Addiction Also Eyleliner Effect Faux Cils Bold Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen in Number 1 – Black.


For demonstration I will use the eye pencil for now – in Number 7 Violet Frivole

YSL along with any luxury brand of eye pencil will just glide over & under the eye without dragging the skin and believe me that is the one thing you really need to avoid.

To be honest I find it easier to start at the outer corner of the eye and work inwards, doesn’t have to be a sweeping movement, you can apply in stages and blend in as photo:

Eye shadow

I would stick to powder for now and I think something with less shimmer is best, you could just apply more eye pencil and blend in for quickness.

Day time I do tend to keep my eye shadow colour more bronze, tanned or taupe, don’t forget you can use your bronzer or cream blusher between the crease of the eye towards your brow:

I would recommend choosing a colour that compliments your eyeliner for evening or outing, just a little 🙂 For Example:-  Waterproof Eye Pencil Number 12 with Couture Mono High Impact Color Eye Shadow in Number 9 Orient.  As you can see it’s one of my favourites.


My Favourite – Mascara

I use:-   YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara For A False Lash Effect in Number – Noir High Density  Black or Noir Radical for Evening.

Also To Add Drama The New Vinyl Couture Mascara Sleek & Supple Volume Color Impact in Number 5 – I’m In Trouble


It’s amazing and does exactly what it says with instant results :)))))))

Apply as much or little as you feel comfortable with:


I use:- Rouge Pur Couture in No.13P1020139P1020113

For me it has to be Rouge Pur Couture in No. 13 –

OK! I know the rule of “if you have colour on the eyes keep lips nautral” BUT….. It brightens me up and makes me feel glamorous and without blowing my own trumpet, I get compliments to boot, It can’t be bad.

Obviously, It’s not for everyone and you really do need to go with your skin tone BUT pop to a beauty counter and give it a try or order online and see if they can supply a small sample, you never know.


Have Fun

I would just have a play around with colour, think about what you are wearing, do you want to show your tan off? Don’t be afraid, relax about your age and have fun.

Don’t worry about the eye liners and eye pencil’s, these colours suit all eye colour and skin tone and the exciting thing is that they bring out something great out every season change.

ALSO I will post a video of all the stages within this article and it will be timed to give you an idea of just a quick it can be – coming soon!

I will also do a feature about creating the right eyebrow shape and would definitely suggest that you visit a salon – tinting is a great idea to.

If there are any questions or feedback that you would like to leave then please feel free to post your comments below, I am more than happy to help……

24 thoughts on “Discover How To Look Younger At 50 – My 5 Glamour tips

  1. Hi June,
    It’s lovely to meet you and thank you so much for your tips. I’m 47 so heading fast to the big ‘Five 0’.
    I have to be honest though, I’m not very good at looking after my skin. How do you suggest I start?


    1. Hi Suzzane,

      Lovely to meet you also, great feedback, thank you:)

      Looking good at 47, I have to say! For me a skincare routine comes naturally because of my training but for many women, having time to spend on application is a luxury not to mention finding the right product, so many on the market, that’s why I’ve decided to set up this website in order to make the decision an easy one with simple rules and know how.

      I would recommend just a quick 10 min Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise every morning and just remove any trace of make-up before bedtime, try not to use anything oil based or overwhelming, I would try a serum with just a small amount (finger tip size) and just dot it around, tends to leave a lovely feel too 🙂

      If you would like me to go through any cleansers etc… more than happy to help 🙂

      Thank you again

      Best wishes


  2. Hi June, I think you look great both with and without the makeup. I love your Step 1, advice I truly need to follow. I don’t wear a lot of make up and it is only mascara, eyeliner and blush if I do. Perhaps being more adventurous with my make up may be my key to being more confident? You have written a great,easy to follow step by step application tutorial.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      It’s a pleasure to meet you and thank you for the lovely compliments and comments 🙂 You most definitely have the looks and wearing Mascara, Eyeliner and Blush are all great essentials that will highlight and enhance your lovely features 🙂

      I guess I literally feel more comfortable in my own skin now and happy to bare all (face only) in order to help anyone going through confident issues. I know it is probably vanity that makes me love make-up but to be honest becoming middle age can leave you feeling invisible, clearly you are no where near that age group, I thought it would be great to help women explore a colour palette that will help lift them and have some fun 🙂

      Thank you again and really do appreciate you taking the time!

      best wishes


  3. A very comprehensive guide for women over 50. You show the instructions well and very informative. My wife and I are not quite that age yet, but could my wife use these tips right now? Would a cleanser be good for her for when she is older if she starts using it now?

    1. Hi Owain,

      Thank you for the great feedback 🙂

      It’s a pleasure to hear from the younger generation 🙂 A good skincare routine is an important thing to have in place at any age and actually, when used daily can aid anti ageing!

      Really do appreciate you taking the time to comment.

      All the best!


  4. Hi June,

    Your story is truly inspiring and the tips shared here is detail and simple to understand. I believe we always have a choice to look young in our 50+ and this is something achievable, regardless of male or female.

    Keep it up, June!

    1. Hi and thank you for your positive feedback, all very much appreciated 🙂

      I completely agree that both Male and Female’s approaching or going through middle age need a confidence boost or little help on how to achieve a look they feel comfortable with also to make the most of what they have and feel proud of reaching this age group!

      Lovely to meet you and best wishes.

  5. Hi, June!

    All my life, I’ve never applied much makeup, and when it would be a great idea to do so, I no longer remember exactly how!

    Now I have a reference site showing me the step-by-step procedure, and with quality products as well….

    Good work, June, thanks so much!

    1. Hi Therese, lovely to meet you and thank you for taking the time to comment!

      Within my Beauty therapy career I’ve helped many to gain the confidence to apply make-up again, I think that Beauty counters can be overwhelming, the colours in block look overpowering and so many products to choose from, that’s why I thought it a good idea to start my posts in order to simplify and have confidence in make-up again 🙂

      You look like a beautiful lady and I’m over the moon that my step by step has helped you to fall in love with a skin routine and the right make-up!

      Best Wishes


  6. This blog is so awesome! It’s very easy to read for someone who is looking to expand their appearance at age 50. Great work!

    1. Hi Levi,

      Really appreciate you taking the time to make such a lovely and positive comment, thank you 🙂

      My aim is help Women & Men to be honest in their 50’s to achieve the confidence they deserve! I think that we all need a little guide on how take care of our skin and make the most of what we have!!

      Best Wishes


  7. Great step by step article and I loved the fact that there were a load of pictures to follow. I don’t wear much make up, I never have because I don’t really know how to apply it properly but thanks to your tutorial and suggestions, this 50+ year old might just start looking 40+ again. Cheers Tracy 🙂

    1. Thank you Tracy, very much appreciate your feedback. I have to say looking at your profile photo that you don’t even look 40, perhaps you could share your secrets 🙂 I think that when we reach a certain age we tend to focus on how we should look rather than want to, makeup counters can be overwhelming and block colours in individual items but the thing to remember is that only a small amount is needed and can be used to enhance what you already have:)

      Best Wishes


  8. Thank you for taking the position to show that life can in fact begin at 50. Good job.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and for your positive feedback:) Always a pleasure to hear and appreciated.

      Best Wishes


  9. Hello June
    As a 40s-year-old woman but with a busy work and home life,im always looking tired, i prefer not to say i appear wrinkled.
    I just do not like what l see in the mirror when l get up in the mornings but applying makeup has never been one of my strong points.
    Thanks to your easy to understand,step by step explanation on how to apply makeup the right way.
    What also stops me from applying makeup is when i see women so over made up you`ll think the face is going to crack.
    What l did not understand completely is the reason you`d choose to cleanse with Clarins but then use YSL products.I always thought it`s advisable to use same line products to cleanse,tone and moisturise.

    I have really enjoyed your very informative post, thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you Roamy for your positive feedback, very much appreciated. Great point re the Clarins, just goes to show how easy it is to miss a valid point, I will edit and explain in more detail:)

      Completely agree that too many try to compensate by over use of make-up, you sound as though you have a good insight into how it should work for you. Time is a major factor in selecting a routine that is quick but delivers!

      Look forward to hearing from you again and thank you for taking the time to comment.


  10. It is amazing how a lady can look younger with these glamour tips, a lady can improve her looks and even appear younger or older using such glamour tips. Its difficult today for a man to know the age of a lady he meets the first time, some are young and appear to be older and some are older and appear to be younger.

    Very good step by step photographs too, enjoyed learning the glamour secrets of ladies in your article today.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and always great to hear and learn from a Male point of view 🙂

      It is easier for women to change their appearance but I think a Man can could find it just as easy, a hair style makeover or different choice in clothes 🙂

      Very much appreciated.

  11. Hey, June!

    It’s really quite surprising these days that there are a lot of 50+ year old women who haven’t got the faintest clue when it comes to properly applying makeup. I’ve come across women who slap on makeup that thick, that their faces are almost fake silicone looking. Ha Ha!

    As a 56 year old mum, I could certainly do with following your pointers, especially with the eye shadow step.

    You do really look so Glam!

    Thanks for the cosmetics walk through.


    1. Hi Sarah,

      Really appreciate your positive feedback – Thank you 🙂

      You most certainly sound as though you have it all together, I will be more than happy to keep you up to date with makeup ideas to enhance our beautiful features 🙂

      We should all be proud of our journeys and achievements no matter what life has thrown at us.

      Proud at 50 and Stand out Every Time.


      June 🙂

      1. Thanks for your quick response, June!

        You’re welcome!

        I’ll certainly be returning for more of your fantastic makeup articles.

        Yep, I agree!

        We’ll definitely be showing the 21 year old women that we too can look young & beautiful. 😉

        1. You are welcome Sarah. I will be posting a Summer makeup within my next blog, rules on how to keep it simple and shimmer in those Summer evenings 🙂

          Thank you and regards


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