Apply The Spring Makeup look and Shake Off Those Winter Blues

I am always ready for a season change and the transition from Winter to Spring is my absolute favourite.  Are you ready for your fresh look?  Then let’s apply the Spring Makeup look and shake off those Winer blues 🙂

I love a hint of Bronze this time of year, it most definitely has a glow that radiates, and creates a youthful look.

It’s very tempting to go full pelt with strong colours and shades but I would keep your ‘look’ very simple for day time wear but add more depth for an evening or occasion. Charlotte Tilbury makeup


My Two New Purchases from Net-A-Porter

I’m very excited about these purchases from they have an amazing range of beauty products to choose from and their service, package and delivery is second to none, I always feel very special when I receive a parcel from them.

I like to purchase my gifts from Net a Porter, as you can see they arrive in a classy box with tissue and beautiful ribbon to finish off the package, you can have the option of a free gift message too.


I have used Net a Porter for many years, they specialise in designer and high end wear but believe me when I say that this site is affordable to all, you just have to make your selections carefully and well thought out, remember “you get what you pay for”, I have never been disappointed in their customer care and professional service.

Net-A-Porter Charlotte Tilbury

My recommendation is to shop carefully and make a just a few purchases each season.  I try then to match some items that stay fashionable year round and over time and integrate these ‘staples’ with seasonal variation.  shopping this way I get to bring out items from my wardrobe from five years ago, whilst achieving a contemporary look with a couple of ‘latest buys’  this will show you that “shopping wisely never dates”.

remember however that clothing may stand the test of time but make-up products do have a ‘shelf life’  so don’t hang onto these indefinitely.

Before applying any makeup I would like to reiterate that a good skincare routine is always advisable and using the correct products for your skin type is essential, I would recommend that you take a look at Timeless Beauty Solutions – Roamy has professional advice with her wealth of knowledge as a Beauty Therapist, two for the price of one hey 😉

On To It Then

I would always recommend that you apply a quick base for your makeup first, in doing this you will find that your eye shadow and eyeliners will have more of a staying power allowing for a longer wear.


I use YSL Touche Eclat Foundation in Le Teint BD50, using a small amount, smooth over starting at the forehead working down the nose, under the eyes but using your ring finger to work in over the delicate eye area, on to the cheeks, along the jaw line and chin, work quickly and I tend to have my hands a little damp to avoid the foundation drying out too quickly.  Just a light coat will give a soft coverage, you do not want it heavy this time of year.


I use  YSL Les Sahariennes – Sun Kissed Blur For a Healthy Glow Balm Powder in Number 6 – Sienne, normally for me, I do like a more matt finish but this product will give a little shimmer and can enhance rather than be too over powering.

Apply at the forehead but mainly the temples, along the cheek bones, down either side of the nose and under the chin, just a little then blend it in.


A cream blusher is by far the most friendly one to use for us young things 😉 I use YSL – Lips & Cheeks Soft Matt Colour in Number 4 – Orange Fougueux.

Apply to the apple of your cheeks, I was taught at college to smile this helps to identify the actual area, just make small dots in that area and blend in, should give a nice rosy glow.

The Eyes

Using my newly purchased Charlotte Tilbury  Colour Chameleon Eye Pencil in Bronzed Garnet  from Net a Porter 🙂

Net-A-Porter Charlotte Tilbury

I have Green Eyes and this shade does enhance my colouring but to be honest I think that most eye colours will suit this particular product.

If in doubt visit the or Charlotte Tilbury stockists to take a peak at their suggestions.

Look Number 1

Smooth over the whole eyelid and into the crease.

I would then apply a little of the YSL Bronzer under the brow and brow bone using an eye makeup brush but only very lightly, you don’t want to over power the Charlotte Tilbury after all it is the main event for your eye makeup.

Look Number 2

As above but add a black liquid eye liner three quarters of the way over the eye lid close to the lash line starting from the outer corner (I’m using YSL Shocking Eye Liner in Black, it’s like a pen and makes for an easy smooth line) then apply the Charlotte Tilbury onto the bottom lid but just over half way across and again from the outer corner.



Easy choices for me.

If you are looking for full on impact, evening and occasion wear then I would go for the YSL False Lash Mascara in Noir Radical.

But if you want something a little more natural the choose YSL False Lash Mascara in Brown or Black or Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara in Black or Brown.

Another look to try using a Mascara would be to use something with vibrant colour such as YSL Vinyl Mascara in Blue or you could go for one  of the YSL Shocking range.  I would suggest that you do not apply too much to begin with. can I suggest that you  just apply to the top lashes for starters.


My other exciting purchase from the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre Luxe Colour Lasting Lip Laquer in Red Vixen

Net-A-Porter Charlotte Tilbury

It just shouts sophistication to me, and it provides that colour surge which is a great look for Spring.

I have never used this product before, a real first for me, I do love my YSL Pur Rouge in Le Orange No. 13 but I need to be more adventurous so I have decided to just “go for it”.

Net-A-Porter Charlotte Tilbury Lip Laquer in Red Vixen

If you take a look at Net a Porter and click on “Beauty – Charlotte Tilbury – Lip Lacquer in Red Vixen you will see a little video attached to the product, this will help with your application technique.

As directed by the video, I would out line your lip line starting at the “cupids bow” into the corners of the mouth and along the bottom lip and fill in the rest of the lips. charlotte tilbury makeup


Give It a Go

I would always recommend to just have fun around makeup, try new things that come with a great review, think carefully about what really does suit you.  Experiment when you have some time on your hands, get your look right and then when time is short you know how to achieve the look, as with most things in life “practice makes perfect”

Shades and colour palette make a difference but you must take note of your skin tone and what suits you and what doesn’t.

Do not choose a Lipstick colour on a whim unless you want to make a Fashion statement of course.

Foot Note

I am not suggesting that Net a Porter is the only on-line retailer from where to purchase the Chatlotte Tilbury makeup or skin care range, my recommendation is based on my own experience and my satisfaction with the service I have personally received.

I’ve had fun putting this post together and I really do want to help members of our over 50 age group “Stand Out and Not Blend in”.

Please get in touch if I can be of any help and assistance

All my Pleasure to help.


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