I’m June and 56 years young 😉

I became a Beauty Therapist 16 years ago, which lead to self employment and with a loyal client base,  I have now hung up my tunic to pass on my wealth of knowledge of skincare, cosmetics and their application, to guide and give confidence to those in that have possibly hit a wall in Midlife.

I live in the UK,  I’m married,  I have raised my family and now feel that it’s my time!!

Like many of you I want to get re-acquainted with who I am!

Life changes at such a rapid pace with highs and lows, empty nests, illnesses to cope with, and recover from.  All the time our bodies are increasingly putting up a resistance  and not wanting to co-operate with what we want to do  and, importantly for a beauty therapist, recognising the reality that our maturing skin has become different in tone and vitality.

These changes, mostly beyond our own control, begin to affect our self-confidence and perceptions of ourselves.  Many of us, me included, start to feel invisible, overlooked at feeling as though we are approaching our ‘sell by date’…..But there can be a different way, by saying to ourselves that…. WE MAY BE OVER 50, BUT, we are HERE we have served our Life Apprenticeship and by George now WE are going to EMBRACE LIFE head on and with CONFIDENCE!

I believe that looking good is the simplest way of re-gaining this lost confidence.  with readily available products and a little ‘know how’ we can quickly transform our appearance and take a great step towards re-discovering our self-esteem.

I’ve found keeping my choices simple is the best formula to maintain a positive attitude.  I don’t know about most of you, but I struggle with making decisions these days, and need a straight forward, no nonsense routine that enables me to go about life feeling confident without the too much thought or drama.

When selecting skincare and cosmetic products, for me it has to be premium brands, my personal favourite is YSL.  (I will introduce you in time to other favourites that don’t let me down), but   I will start my blog focussing on the YSL range of cosmetics.

Why YSL? the product is well defined…..it does what it says on the packaging,  it is reliable, and can be applied without fuss, yet delivers a flawless look, healthy glow.  There are textures that make your eyes POP with definition.  An amazing colour range that is always “bang on trend” without dating from one season to the next, I’ve used the same Red Lipstick, (spookily 13!), and Mascara, (01 Black), for over 20 years!

I really think that it is important NOT to shy away from colour, especially in your 50’s and beyond, too many advise to be careful about looking like a clown and to use insipid shades but all that does in my opinion is make you blend in! Much better to stand out and I will show you how to achieve that look with NO clown in sight 🙂

I would like to point out that at this moment in time I am not employed by YSL but feel compelled to share my experience and knowledge with a brand that works for me and a real boost when I get asked “WHAT MAKE UP DO I USE? – IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL” I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but if I can help someone achieve the same level of confidence and, dare I even say, “A COMPLIMENT”,  then my work is done.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and genuinely hope that my selections and tips gives you confidence and pleasure!


Thank you for your time.