5 of The Best Eye Makeup Tips For Summer & Make That Tan Stand Out

I’ll share with you five of the best eye makeup tips for both Summer and Holiday, regardlessP1010593 of whether your tan is fake or real you will most definitely want to highlight and enhance your beautiful eyes, let’s face it a bit of colour brings out the sparkle in us.


How To Dazzle For Those Summer Days & Nights

YES! It’s Summer Holiday/Vacation or just hanging out.P1010631

YES! I will be demonstrating using my YSL make-up products, for me they deliver the impact that gives me the confidence I need.

There is always something to be excited about during the summer months and let’s face it we all want to look our best!  I’ve put together an easy to use guide on how to achieve that summer shimmer starting with eye make-up application.

As with most make overs it is always a good idea to start with a base, these are merely suggestions, obviously you can still apply your foundation before the bronzer if it gives you more confidence.

I’m lucky I know that my skin does tan easily, and I find it easy to maintain a light tan during the Summer, although I always wear sunscreen!  Make-up wise I prefer to stick to a ‘healthy glow’ rather than to be ‘heavily’ made up but having said that I will apply foundation for a special event!

To begin with:

Apply Bronzer To Enhance

Unless you are ‘soaking up the rays’, I would recommend that you apply a little bronzer to your cheeks, temples, sides of the nose, under the chin and over the eyelids,  and blend in.  Alternatively, apply just a very light covering all over if you prefer.  A splash of blusher to your cheeks and again eyelids all helps to make a healthy glow. ( I have a step by step tutorial in my previous blog if you need a guide).

Tip No. 1 – Colour Co-ordination

Choosing your colours.  Think about what outfit you are planning to wear, you really don’t want too much of a clash, I’m sure you don’t need me to advise and Summer colours tend to look great together anyway.

I don’t worry too much during the day about when choosing my colours, just roll with it but a social event, evening out do take into consideration trying to coordinate my outfit with my eye make-up for a more dramatic look.

Tip No.  2 – Day Look

Day wear:

Try to keep it light & fresh.

I would suggest a thinner flow of eye pencil or eye liner and just sticking to cream blusher leading to the brow or bronzer.

For example:-  I’ve used:-  YSL Dessin Du Regard Waterproof Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Luminous Blue No.  12 together with  YSL Couture Mono High Impact Color Eye Shadow in Orient N0.  9 or to keep it natural as with myself wearing the red top below:-   Literally just the YSL bronzer (Les Sahariennes in Sienne No.  6) YSL cream blusher (Kiss & Blush in OrangeFouguex No.  4) together with my YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils in High Density Black No.  1!








Just remember to blend the eyeshadow in and only apply a little onto you brush, tap the excess off.






 Tip No.  3 – Night Out

Evening look! My favourite 🙂

Try to coordinate your outfit and your eye colour.

Let’s face it you can wear any eye colour with Cream, White and Black but take into consideration what accessories you have in mind.

It goes without saying that if you are wearing red you wouldn’t dream of having a red eyeliner hey, keep it neutral, I would suggest shades of gold, taupe and bronze work well with red clothing.

I’ve just purchased a very exciting eyeshadow for my holiday, I know it will give all my eye pencil/eye liner extra glamour and again for me YSL, I have complete confidence and saves me time in having to shop around, YSL deliver the luxury I love.P1020325

For evening wear I do like to glam up my eye pencil or eyeliner, more definition, thicker or even cover the whole lid just remember to blend in whilst leading up to the brow or again use cream blusher or bronzer or my new YSL Full Metal eyeshadow.

for example:-  I’ve used:-  YSL Dessin Du Regard Waterproof Stylo in Bleu Additiction No.  3 together with my Brand New YSL Full Metal Shadow Metllick Shine Color Impact 16 hour Wear  in Bonnie Copper No.  11 🙂 and again using my YSL Bronzer and YSL Cream Blusher as my base.



Tip No.  4 – Perfect Eye Liner

How to use Liquid eye liner in Black or Colour and give it a sexy Summer look.

Practise is the key, trust me no one gets it right straight away.

Apply with confidence and if you find it difficult to sweep it across then just simply do it in stages and join it together.

When I use black eyeliner I like to apply eyeshadow over to soften the look, I like to use a lighter shade with added shimmer or bronzer.

Example:-   I’ve used:-  YSL Eyeliner Effect Faux Cils Bold Fetl-tip Eyeliner Pen (Trust me it’s the best product to use as Liquid eyeliner and lasts for hours – I LOVE IT) together with my new YSL Full Metal Shadow in Bonnie Copper – it gives a lovely shimmer and softens the look up beautifully.



This is to show how the look works with both top and bottom lids applied with eyeliner.



This is to demonstrate just how to soften the look using the YSL Full Metal Shadow or in fact any eyeshadow with added shimmer.


Here is a look when applying half way over the top lid and no eyeliner to the bottom lid.


Tip No.  5 –  Mascara

Personally I would always recommend applying your mascara in black and then if you want to add drama for an evening look or if you want to simply jazz up your day look, apply one of the vinyl mascara colours or one of the “Shocking” range to compliment your outfit or choice in eye pencil or eyeliner, they are easy to use, remember you can just apply to your bottom lashes if you feel that it’s just not you to go full on.  I apply my choice of vinyl to the tips of my top lashes and full on to the bottom but then again I do love a dramatic look.P1010330

I’ve noticed that YSL have a “Baby doll” range, I have not tried these yet,  I think I need to look into this product!

My Extra Bonus Tips

To make those eyes really pop add a white eye pencil just on the edge of your bottom lid and in the corners.

Also have a look at the shape of your eyebrows, they can have a tendency to thin out a little after 50.  I tint mine on average once or twice a month and keep them tidy.

I would recommend that you visit a salon to have them shaped or just tidied up a little and if you feel that tinting might be an option for you then ask for a patch test.  A patch test is an absolute must before having anything applied to your skin to out rule any risk of an allergic reaction!

For those of you who simply do not have the time to visit a salon, I will provide you with a little guide on how to shape your eyebrows in a future article:

Although I am a Qualified Beauty Therapist I do get a fully trained beauty therapist that I trust to wax my eyebrows for me (I need my specs these days for this type of work 😉 ) however I do use the tint myself.

Enjoy your Summer

Get out there and feel confident with your sparkly eyes with or without a tan and remember:

Stand Out, Don’t Blend In at 50!..

If you need any advice or if you have any questions regarding this post then please feel free to leave your comment below and I will do my very best to help….P1010502


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